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Today is:
An Spotlight on Round The Block Productions
by Clayton Ruley

Editors Note: is dedicated to exposing those people and groups who want to make change in the status quo in a positive manner. We got the scoop on a production company called Round The Block that was working with artist in the Philadelphia area and producing quality work. I touched base with Malik Jones and he was more than willing to answer some questions for the World Family. If you take nothing from this interview/spotlight know that if you have a dream it can come true with work and a plan. (GC): What's up Malik?

Malik Jones of Round The Block Productions (RTB): What's the deal!


GC: So how long has the production company been around?


RTB: Round the Block Productions was established in May of 2005. It all started when I got into artist management. Chris (my Phi Beta Sigma line brother) was doing some rinky-dink music videos at the time messing around. I had an artist I was grooming, so I got Chris to do the video for him. The artist management thing became a headache as I was working harder for him then he was for himself. Noticing Chris' novice talents at the time, I saw something special in him that I wanted to help develop. A friend and I got things started, but the test of time and the lack of money is a powerful thing and can drive many away.



GC: Can you tell me about the progress your Round The Block is making?


RTB: Round The Block is in forward progress. We are bringing the power of quality music video to the Philadelphia music scene. So far we have nearly conquered the underground scene, doing videos with Reed Dollaz, Joey Jihad, Frank With Da Grippaz Gone, Reignman, Dutch, Eddie Morris, Neesh, Young Chris, Omillio Sparks and Touch Money to name a few. We are in the process of doing some videos with some C/B list artist currently. We have released a DVD by the name of HOODVIDS the showcases 14 music videos that we produced, directed, edited, packaged, designed, and distributed. Have a backer who wants to distribute 20,000 copies. We ourselves hope to move 5,000.


GC: So it's your doing music videos right not some thrown together stuff?

RTB: It is all music videos, not like the regular rap DVD format with people just freestyling, but actual videos like you would see on BET.


GC: Any plans for TV?


RTB: We are currently working on a TV show for WYBE channel 35.


GC: So you have a few irons in the fire huh?


RTB: Got a few things in the works currently. It's hard work, but well worth it in the end. Team is getting bigger and stronger, so optimism is setting in even more.


GC: So what was your first project as a group?

RTB: We started with the Philly Barbarians DVD project showcasing freestyles of artist throughout the city. In the process we were filming and editing a number of music videos for underground artist. We gained acclaim from our September 2005 release of Philly Barbarians Vol. 1, then we released Philly Barbarians Vol. 2 along with OG Did It Again In April 2006. Through a major promotional campaign, we became known throughout the streets as one of the hottest teams in the DVD world.


GC: What's the OG Did It Again DVD?


RTB: OG Did It Again DVD was a compilation of 20 music videos we completed from December 2005 - March 2006 all consisting of songs from the Top Klass Label including the likes of Reed Dollarz, Reignman, Eddie Morris, Touch Money, and more. Because many of the videos were done for diss tracks, the streets were a buzzing.


The Philly Barbarians Vol. 2 was the hottest freestyle mixtape at the time, and OG Did It Again was the first of its kind in the Philly market. We have since we have put Philly Barbarians Vol. 3 on hold to focus on HOODVIDS, which was released on August 30 th 2006, and has been getting national attention.


GC: Any bumps in the road?

RTB: Sometimes it happens!   A 20,000-unit distribution deal has been presented to us recently but because we handle our own packaging and distribution, we declined for that particular project. Still, the financial backing will be used to fund our future endeavors. Philly Barbarians Volume 3 will soon go into production when the time is right.


GC: So what's in the works for your company?

RTB: We have plans to put an R&B DVD showcase together in the near future called Philly Voices Unheard. Now we are basking in the glory of HOODVIDS and working with some major artist for music video projects within the coming months. This is still a work in progress.


GC: How's the reception been for Round The Block?

RTB: Round the Block Productions has gained a tremendous amount of respect throughout the underground circuit in Philly. We have been called on to host parties, DVDs, mixtapes, and to judge Battles.


GC: What's the goal of Round The Block Productions?

RTB: Our goal is to assist this talent rich environment with getting national attention that it deserves.


GC: So what are the roles within the company?

RTB: I am CEO/President currently of Round The Block Production and I also handle our promotion and appeal portion of the company. Christopher Brown is Senior Editor/Treasurer. Maurice Childs is our Packing and Distribution Director. Carlos Brown is Associate Editor. Raisul Selby handles quality assurance. Roy Selby is our intern, and handles the book keeping and contact.


GC: How can people get at you for more information?

RTB: They can check us out at or at our myspace page:


GC: Thanks for the love.

RTB: Thanks and no doubt keeping making that change!  





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