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Today is:
Remember These Crazy Tracks,
What Happened to Their Makers?
by Clayton Ruley

I was listening the other night and heard the “Flava In Ya Ear” (Remix) and thought to myself what happened to Craig Mack? I know he was on the “Special Delivery (Remix)” and he did a good job but what happened to his career? Few Remember he along with Biggie were P-Diddy’s first artists on Bad Boy.

So it got me to thinking about other artists who for some reason or other never duplicated that initial success. I’m not calling them one hit wonders I’m just saying the game was unfortunate to not hear this work on a consistent basis. Check out my choices and let me know what you think.

“Uptown Baby” by Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz:
This track had the streets buzzin’ and most weren’t from New York! Their album wasn’t as bad as people thought but no second time? You at least deserved a second chance.

“Wild For The Night” by Rampage featuring
Busta Rhymes:
This first single was hot with Busta on the hook but Ram never picked up steam and in fact the only person I know with the album is fellow visionary Rame.

"Mad Izm" by Channel Live:
KRS-One’s protégés came out the gate hotter than a sexual disease when they came out with this cut about blazing trees. Unfortunately they may have pigeon holed themselves with the cut and now can be found on several unpopular mix tapes. I was feeling them though!

“The Theme” by Tracey Lee: This song was hot and the remix with Busta was even better but afterwards the second single dealt with Tracey’s split personalities which didn’t make most comfortable and then Lee didn’t put out some other hot songs from his album. Lee had skills and wasn’t talking about the same old’ same old’.

“93’ Til Infinity” by Souls Of Mischief: These guys came with fire on their first single but as of late haven’t been found? Are you guys out there? Its me fan!

“Regulate” by Warren G featuring Nate Dogg:
This single sold the Above The Rim soundtrack by itself and helped propel Warren G’s first album but Dr. Dre’s bro hasn’t done much since. With many ties to the game (grew up with Snoop and Dogg) you thought it was going to be much more from the G.

“Just Another Case” by Cru:
This song was hot with the guitar strings but their album wasn’t well promoted even though it was on Def Jam and they broke up quickly. You can still hear Yogi’s beats as he is one of Diddy’s Hitmen, but for on second you thought the group thing would work.

“Afro Puffs” by The Lady of Rage:
This single had all you need to succeed: Snoop on the hook, a hot ass beat and it was on Death Row in the early nineties. But it marked the beginning and end of Rage in terms of popularity. Rage was seen more on movies than on wax these days.

“Flava In Ya Ear” by Craig Mack: This track had the old school loop and Mack kicked that “robotic George Jetson” stuff but that wasn’t enough to sustain his place at Bad Boy and in the game. You can find him doing guest appearances for bread or something.

“C’mon Wit Da Get Down” by The Artifacts:
The group had the initial hotness and followed it with the remix with Busta but after two very good albums they are like that CBS series, Without A Trace! I heard they were recently on tour with Little Brother.

“Not Gonna Be Able To Do It” by Double X Posse: This group talked about the women and them wanting thins and that then they were ghost! Guess the women moved on.

“Gangsta B--ch” by Apache:
This New Jersey native came out right after Naughty By Nature with this hit but after Queen Latifah came out with U.N.I.T.Y. he wasn’t in the game.

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