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Today is:
Top 20 musical Influences in my life.
by Norman Green

1. Stevie Wonder
2. E.P.M.D.
3. Redman
4. Michael Jackson
5. John Coltrane
6. Mozart
7. Tito Puente
8. Rakim
9. Timbaland
10. Count Basie
11. Franchise Live's Grand Wizard Rasheen
12. Ice Cube
13. Dr. Dre
14. Gamble and Huff
15. D.J. Ran
16. Run D.M.C
17. The Beastie Boys
18. Isaac Hayes
19. Al Green
20. Set Free(of And 1 Mixtape Fame) & Troy Taylor

All of these people listed above have made an impact on me as a musician and as a fan. Over the years with their influences I have grown and formulated my opinions on what I think great music is no matter what genre it maybe. I know some of the names on my list probably couldn't coexist in the same room or probably during the same time period but they help make me who I am today. I just wanted to give a little personal introspect on me. I want you people to know me and not just see my work.

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