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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Today is:
Breaking the Wall Down
by Norman Green

When Hip Hop first started there wasn't any division between any of the artists. There was a group of emcees that enjoyed the music and lived and died rap. Music is just like anything else that involves a group of ppl; the diversity of the ever-expanding art form causes division. The division was first seen in the boroughs of New York where the art as we know it first came about. Modern day Hip Hop has the same pitfalls. But the day of equinox seems to have finally arisen.

I have been watching the tides turn for the better for a while now. I remember watching the ill-fated Lyricist Lounge show on MTV. When I saw artist like Wordsworth, Mos Def and Snoop freestyling together that was monumental!

The combining of contrasting styles and the different coasts was major. Tash and Raekwon had a song together called “Rap Life” a little ways before and that implemented the same variables to the equation. These pieces all have made Hip Hop an art form where all kinds of artists can get down and make music together. This, to quote Keith Murray is: "the most beautifullest thing in the world!"

It seems to me the one single event has really hashed all of the subdivisions of Hip Hop to the public: Kanye West’s signing to Rocafella Records. That is due in part to Rocafella is the empire of the reigning ruler, Jay-Z. The label’s roster has the best in almost all of the facets of Hip Hop. Which leads to great combinations because of the connections. Freeway and Mos Def on a track, whoever would have thunk it! It may not been a reality without Kanye breaking down the walls to the mainstream.

Kanye is helping the world realize how great Twista really is and rejuvenating the monster we all know as Common.

Kanye cohorts also have been involved in breaking the barriers down. The whole okayplayer and new Native Tongue artists have also played their parts. Talib Kweli’s mixtape was major in the bridging between artists. The Roots doing unplugged was a huge step. This generation of conscious artists realize that we have to stick together to make the proper impact.

The whole world is elated that the most heard music genre of our time is finally solved it own civil war.

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