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Today is:
Best Of Jay-Z
By Constant

Note: Songs with additional parts and/or remix are counted as one work.

The dude made himself one of the best in today’s rap game, so it’s fitting that he got his own best of.

He made you dance, was witty with his and sold lots of (his) records clothes. He is a hustling businessmen in Hip Hop and oh yeah his music was tight too! Check out one man’s top 10 of Jay Z.

“ Brooklyn’s Finest” featuring Notorious B.I.G. – Trades bar with fellow Brooklynite, B.I.G.

“ Lucky Me” – Gets deep about a young burgeoning career in rap music and all the traps.

“ Where I’m From” – Lets you know about home. Remember people this is also the song in which Jay declared himself, justly or unjustly, as being one of the best.

“ If I Should Die” featuring Da Ranjahz – Just a superior track Jay Z and family talk about what if.

“ Coming of Age” featuring Memphis Bleek – A series of tales about a street dealer and his young protégé from humble beginnings to meaningful middle moments. Sorely missed.

“ Dead Presidents 1&2”– I like the original even better than the album version. Not an easy find.

“ Friend or Foe 1 &2” – Some guys come on the Jay’s scene and the rules have to be laid out clearly.

“ Do It Again” featuring Beanie Sigal and Amil – Beans killed the beginning and Jay the end. They can be a deadly pair cause Beans makes Jay get edgy and hype.

“ So Ghetto” – This track is pure DJ Premier and a streetwise Jay. When this combo is together there are only a few quite as nice.

“ You Must Love Me” – Story where he describes growing up: his relationship with mom, hustling and the shooting of a family member. Intense in lyrics the song is further enhanced by Kelly Price singing the hook.

What did I miss? Post your own Best of Jay-Z list here

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