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Today is:
My Music Wish list for 2004
By Clayton Ruley

Everything else in this country is at a high cost but at least a man can dream.


2003 was the year of 50 Cent, Jay-Z and R. Kelly and all the boy bands. We had some other highlights in the season but these were the names in the headlines. If I hear one more R. Kelly made song with someone else...

The year 2004 is here and I want to see some changes come about in Hip Hop/ R&B.

Here are a few:

A new A Tribe Called Quest song: by the end of the year at least. Let me know the comeback is indeed true!

A new Black Star album: It’s been a long time, Take some time from other endeavors and give back please.

Respect for Ghostface after his Pretty Toney album: This dude has consistently put out craziness (note his three albums Ironman, Supreme Clientele and Bulletproof Wallets. When are people going to give him his props?

A Lox Album: Each put out a credible solo effort now its time for the wonderful three to form like Voltron!

The return of Jill Scott: This Philly queen needs to bless the world with her second full LP.


The end of every R&B artist using R. Kelly for production: It’s not that it sounds bad, it's just unoriginal. Please get your own style!

Please Slowdown on boy and girl groups who show more body than singing and performing talent: Nuff said!

Lauryn Hill please get back in the studio and comeback with a classic non-live LP: I enjoyed the unplugged LP but it was often with the same beat and a little melancholy, I need to hear you on different music and topics with a few friends stopping in for you to get your proper due back.

Brian McKnight come back home: Return to what made you famous and loved by many and please quit infusing the Hip Hop with you certified soulful voice. Once an album is enough.


DJ Premier needs to come with a compilation album: After all the songs and albums he has made is there any doubt that a mix of the best producer and his family would be killa!



Let us know what's on your Music Wish List



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