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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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 The Whys

Why is the media choosing to focus on the death of former Arizona Cardinals safety Pat Tillman because he played in the NFL? While I respect what he did, there are a lot of people who have died fighting and they deserve some shine too.

Why do we have the same books from 20 years ago in our reading list in most schools? While Shakespeare’s works has merit so does Randall Robinson’s The Debt. In general, we need books to reflect the diversity of our country.

Why do Africans and African-American have hostility against each other? We are all family so we should appreciate each other’s differences and address the real problems that affect both cultures.

Why don’t some realize there is nothing wrong with failing? It is when you stop trying that you should really feel bad.

Why do we and the especially the government allow insurance companies to take the people’s money for years and the first time the driver messes up they want to raise their payments greatly or drop their coverage completely? We make the insurance companies and there are people who have paid for years and never gotten in an accident! In fact we need a semi annual reimbursement plan.

Why do some of the fellas look to corrupt and even impregnate young women before they are truly grown? This is leaving young girls everywhere in a shell of woman and also leaving them with one hell of a responsibility.

Why do some people still talk about a particular race and/or culture and say words like yall and they making there limited experiences apply to everyone of that particular race or culture? Time to realize that in order to grow we have to never forget but give room to grow and never generalize.

Why are most public schools more of a baby-sitting clinic than a place of learning? Dealing with children with a lack of resources (not right) and respect (unacceptable) is hard to do while still under the pretense of trying to educate.

Why are teachers expected to be teachers and play damage control? That’s two roles and they hardly get paid for one. We need more staff in schools and less missiles and war tanks.

Why are today’s children being taught to be so oppositional to authority and challenge everything someone says or demands? You would think you were asking kids to do something illegal when you see or hear their reactions when asked to do something and/or are told something about themselves. Not all criticism is bad and if you do something fess up to it. I see children rolling their eyes, sucking teeth, mumbling under their breaths and getting really disrespectful over the most trivial things.

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