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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Today is:
 The Whys

Why are children being made tough and outgoing in some areas and so timid and fragile in others?
The streets teach lessons too!

Why is a group of American Indians attacking Outkast and CBS for Andre 3000’s Hey Ya performance in which he had Neon green Indian dress on?

Do you think that Andre would blatantly disrespect the Indian people?

How do you know that Andre’s not American Indian?

Why doesn’t the person who owns Chink’s Steaks realize that whether intentional or not the word chink is going to create a stir and should be considered racist?

Especially when you tell people that your nickname is Chink because someone noticed that you have slanted eyes.

Why aren’t prisoners allowed to vote?

Why are Philly’s streets so dirty?

Are you doing your part?
Because it doesn’t look like the city is!

Why are the actions of the few allowed to control the majority without major concern, uprising and change?

Why is it in minority communities there seems to be apprehension when it comes to showing intelligence in everything they do?

Why are parents held more responsible for their children’s actions in school?

A teacher can only motivate but so much and after a certain amount of time and effort maybe a different type of reinforcement and education is needed and should be looked at. If parents aren’t more involved do we really expect our children to grow?

Why don’t people realize that silence especially by the oppressed and minorities does nothing to inspire and improve the conditions of our collective communities?
It just keeps the ones in power happy!

Why did I hear 11-year old tell me he didn’t care if he grew to be 25? Life should be treasured people.

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