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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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 The Whys

Why don’t you see more notices of the actual Election Day date? To most the day feels sprung upon them without proper notice and some get lazy and just don’t vote. This is Sad but true. If you do a better job making sure people know of the specific day maybe people will find time to set aside from their busy schedules. Is someone trying to keep someone back?

Why is the statement by Democratic strategist Donna Brazile: “More black males vote for Ruben + Clay in the last American Idol showdown than voted for Al Gore and George Bush in 2000” not sound far fetched at all?

Why, in elections, do the candidates ‘ personalities, finances, looks etc, take precedence for most, rather than what they actually did in office or in life?

Why did the greater good of the city almost take a back seat to unions in “The Real World Philly” fiasco? The city certainly needs revenue from nontraditional resources and also the exposure will hopefully bring some people into the town whether as tourists or transplants.

Why aren’t SUV’s made to be more efficient and safe. Most are gas guzzling and some of the worst machines on four wheels.

Why now is credit or even checks preferred over cold hard cash in a growing amount of places? Slowly they are trying to phase back the good old greenbacks for credit and bank accounts. This could be another form of oppression!

Why are some jobs now doing credit checks as a hiring practice? This is especially bad when the job you are applying to can’t significantly help you get rid of the credit problem. Does bad credit necessarily indicate, a lack of skills, desire, and/or honesty?

Why do people need to get burned before serious action is taken? This is from the so-called friends who run your name and reputation in mud to the 2000 election debacle. Will
The 2004 election prove to be a serious election of change.

Why do most complain about racism from their bosses, coworkers, police, media … etc. then go and then do the same thing to people around them. Lets break the cycle people. Watch what you say and do (especially around children and other impressionable people) and realize that you small comments or actions will keep the chain linked. Two wrongs still don’t make a right!

Why don’t people realize that every time they come out their home they are representing their families and better yet their way of life? If you act one way and give someone an opinion don’t get mad when they call you on it!

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