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Today is:
 The Whys:
A Special California Recall Edition
By Clayton Ruley

Why was Grey Davis re-elected in the first place? What so drastically changed in 11 months (less than a year) that made him have to go now!

Why do Californians in particular equate acting and politics in the same breath? While true you have to B.S. alot in politics don't you think your stretching the notion by putting someone in office who never had any political office or negotiating experience(Besides his salaries for his blockbuster movies)!

Why does California have the decision to recall voted on the same day you have to vote in another governor in? They aren't the same thing! It would be nice to have a seperate vote for the recall. Then let the candidates have a month to you know...actually talk in DEPTH about their plans and vision not just condemn what we can see is clearly wrong now! What is another 30 million dollars when you already spent 90 on the recall anyway!

Why did George W. wait till the last week of the recall/election process to finally throw a endorsement Arnold's way if he was supporting him so much?

Why did Grey Davis risk the Democrat's power at Governor any longer when he knew by August he was not well liked by the people on the streets and even by some in his own party? He could have kept it in party and resigned, letting Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante take over? While Bustamante did lose to Arnold, it would not have been an uproar if the switch took place.

Why did Gary Coleman get over 10000 votes? I guess it take different strokes to move the world (I'm sorry, cheap one)!

Why did the Shriver family look so happy? Like they’re the Cinderella, finally found their magical slipper, one upping their more successful (politically anyway) brethren: The Kennedys.

Why do Republican analysts get mad when some say Arnold is going to be a sucker for advice (read: will listen and do to 90% of what his advisors say)? What would you think if no experience came walking through the door?

Why was Jesse Jackson even in my TV screen on election night? Pick your causes early in the game and in this cause leave sooner. No one likes being associated with a loser!

Why are these recent multiple charges of sexual harassment/misconduct being treated with such a lack of concern? While they are being reported at a shady, questionable time, is Arnold getting a big break for being a foreign big time movie star? Remember how they slammed Bill?





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