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-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Today is:
 The Whys

Why do many (if not all) of Philadelphia Recreation Centers give out recycling bins but many don’t recycle?

Why did Republican National Committee chairperson Michael Steele apologize to Rush Limbaugh? Who’s the leader of the Republican Party?

Why doesn’t legal syringe exchange and it’s funding get the go from the federal government? This is a proven way to combat new HIV cases nationally and needs more funding and acceptance from the community. Obama has started to open doors for stem cell funding and needs to legalize federal funding for legal syringe exchange.

Why can Bernie Madoff steal billions from people and sit at home until his courtdate and people who kill get thrown into the slammer as soon as they get caught? They are both robbing people of their life or livelihoods!


Why does a newspaper like the NY Post put out cartoons many can deem racist and get away with it?

Why does it take Chris Brown and Rihanna to get into a domestic dispute for this violence to get the play it deserves nationally?


Why do I miss making fun of our former president?


Why don’t many young men get the attention many young women get when it comes to programs and program funding?


Why do people still watch FoxNews? Some would say you have to know the opposition.


Why does education still get a backseat in America?


Why can’t people with mental health issues get the same Care (or lack thereof) that those with physical health issues in this healthcare system?


Why did it take over 200 years to have the first President of the United States who happens to be African American?


Why are high fructose corn syrup and other bad things in food so prevalent in foods that are often served and sold in rural and urban communities? Shouldn’t those with little have access to the best stores (proximity-wise) and best foods for cheaper?


Why do these sports networks go overboard with their breaking news on the bottom line of the TV screen? Some being out for a week in spring training isn't worthy of breaking news!

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