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-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Today is:
 The Whys

Why are the McDonalds in some neighborhoods in Philly neglecting to tell the customers that they have a $0.99 McDouble and instead make them buy the more expensive Double Cheeseburger?

Why won't Philadelphia Phillies games be the same without Harry Kalas calling the game?

Why is Obama allowing the some CIA personnel to get away with tortureous actions without investigation? Whether it happened on during his presidency or not, isn't being wrong being wrong?

Why isn't the syringe exchange federal funding ban lifted yet?

Why don't people realize that you are the company you keep?

Why is making positive change in communities and with individuals such a hard task?

Why don't we require that social service workers working for the state take some sensitivity training. I hear too many stories of workers talking to people coming in for help anyway they feel like. While these workers may have their own problems in a day, they do work for the people and need to treat people with respect.

Why do I see big chain stores in the United States (especially in the urban and suburban area) continuing to pop up despite the current recession going on? Real estate is not immune to the current crisis but you would know it when you drive to your local strip! Am I supposed to spend my way out of trouble?

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