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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Today is:
 The Whys

Why do people only hear numbers being touted instead of thinking aboutthe reason behind the numbers? In Philly there were 355 homicides in 2006 (as of Nov. 13th) and most would say those people are crazy! While I don't believe they are right there has to be more than just wanting to kill anything human in their minds. Like limited job opportunities, money, health care, etc.

Why do people forget that part of their civic duty is to hold politicians in check throughout their terms in office and not just through voting? We let people do what they want and only when its a extreme amount of problems do we come down on them for their lack of activity towards the positive for all.

Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger have to come more to the left to get re-elected in California's gubernatorial elections? Could it be that he knew his time would be over and needed to pick up to minority votes? Do you believe he will continue to stay in the middle now that he has his high chair back for four more years?

Why do we hold social services to higher standards than we hold our parents? End the end parents and the home environment is the most important aspect of a child's life and if that's wrecked then a social service agency is already in a deep hole when trying to make a
positive inpact. True, there are social workers and agencies that aren't doing their jobs but parents who don't do their can be continually babied till something negative happens to the child or children. We need more people willing to call a spade a spade!

Why do the schools have so many days off these days and early dismissals? I respect the inclusion of the Jewish holidays and other significant days but these service/developmental days for staff are ridiculous. We need to have more staff to carry out school goals more efficiently and for the benefit of the children's learning and not the state or federal mandates. We also need parents to be there to support the staff and their child.

Why don't we see cops walking a beat in Philly! I think the reason New York City has improved in several crime catogories is because you can see police in different areas. I don't see our police for in Center City Philly. Then again Center City isn't one of the problem areas it
about 6 blocks to the North, South, East and West. It seems like if it's not a traffic ticket I'm not seeing a lot of police getting out the cars. I think major intersections throughout the city need more attention from the boys in blue. This is not to say that solves everything because the violence starts more from people not getting what they need than what they want.

Why did John Kerry apologize for his comments regarding the military? I know some who don't read of listen intently may have misconstrued what he was saying but that's their problem not his! It's this apologetic behavior that cost him the election in 2004 and lets the Republican party get away with more than the Democrats. At least the Republicans stick by what they do or say and even try to spin it on the next person. Democrats are always thinking politically correct and
it's why we are in the situation we are in now! It's called checks and balances not cover your own asses!

Why haven't you studied the word eminent domain yet? Look it up before it smacks you in the face!

Why did Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's seperation get any press on Election Day?

Why is the innocence of children everywhere going down the drain? We need to protect our children from growing up too fast and sometimes less is more when it comes to seeing negative images or getting what the want, when they want, with no accountability to their families,
their academics, their community! In this fast paced society you the parent will often be tempted to give in to easy and quick. Stop and think about that because your children follow your lead! Perseverence and patience are virtues that need to be stressed because the opposite
can kill you!

Why do the youth think being tough is often quiting those things that will impact them in the long term for the short term thing? The corners will be here after school and long into the future! Get an education, learn about yourself apart from the streets and then come
home and improve you and your families situation. We need strong leaders in our communities and I'm not talking about drug dealers or cops either. The people in those communities need to step up and speak
for their communities!

Why was Ed Bradley still the only black journalist to regularily appear on CBS's 60 Minutes when he died at the age of 65? Will we see one in the near future and what does this say about the media?

Why does appearance, political party status and campaign/bank funds have a say in whether someone is getting voted into office over what his actions are? If a man does the same thing and claims before election he's going to change why should we believe him? Why do they often get back in? Don't be gullible people!


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