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-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Today is:
 The Whys

Why don't people understand that the more programs cut, the less living wage jobs and the less mentors in the community mean more violence. It's all relative people!


Why do people have to pay for the internet? In a worse case scenario, If people got it for free more people would be subject to the products companies are trying to push on the net. In the best case, people would have access to the resources provides on the net.


Why do girls wear tight clothes in the summertime when it's hot outside?


Why does the take so long for these companies to turn your stuff back on but it takes a blink for your stuff to get cut off?


Why does Philly have all these homes that are boarded up but we have a housing shortage. The city needs to hold the owners of these properties more accountable or take them over and fix them up! Owning property in Philly you don't care about because you are in Florida isn't good for the city.


Why isn't most of Philly's public parks recycle friendly and equipped with receptacles for paper, plastic, aluminum and glass?


Why are some of the most "conscious" artists in music not conscious when it comes to their own actions outside of music? While we know people aren't perfect can't we hope we don't see our favorite music artists in the tabloids.


Why do some people complain so much and sit at home and do nothing?


Why is there always a chicken bone on the train?


Why are corner stores still allowed to sell rose vases that are usually used for smoking crack?


Why can't Philadelphia win a championship in one of the four major sports?


Why does sex and the bladder control many people lives?


Why does the human race take what's close and convenient what's best for them even if it means waiting a little?


Why does VH1 do a better job with old school Hip Hop than BET and that's supposed to be black entertainment television?


Why does Maury only do the baby father's shows, the troubled teen shows and the Jack Hanna animal show?


Why are there 30 teams in the NBA and only 6 can legitimately win a NBA title?


Why does the NFL allow the New England Patriots to field that bomb squad without a caution sign before the games?


Why are good women so overworked and under appreachiated?


Why was American Gangster so easy to see outside the theaters?


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