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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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 The Whys

Why do local news shows based in Philadelphia show more topics and people from the suburbs than from the city in their telecasts?


Why isn't it mandatory for plastic get recycled in Philadelphia?


Why did the Catholic Church move so fast to appoint a new pope who seems to be more of the same thing?


Why is the Philly based SEPTA so greedy, especially given the lack of services they give?


Why don't parents understand that you have to give children what they need first and what they want a distant second no matter what they think of you or whether they consider you a friend?


Why do minorities consistently control social culture but very rarely control it's fiscal capital?


Given his environmental policy (of lack of), why did U.S. President George W. Bush attempt to make one speech on Earth Day?


Why would most rather not try rather than trying and failing?


Why can't Hip Hop/Rap have oldies stations like other musical art forms?


Why does ãNo Child Left Behindä look more like ãNo Child Left Off The Prison Busä!


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