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-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Today is:
 The Whys

Why didn't CBS fire Don Imus before the advertising dollars and MSNBC left first?

Why is there no real competition from the Republican Party or a third party in this years' Philadelphia Mayoral Race? It seems like whoever wins the Democratic nod will have a cakewalk to the office. Is this good for true democracy?

Why are we still hearing about Anna Nicole Smith?

Why are many people obsessed with celebrities' lives more than their own?

Why didn't the Administration cancel classes at Virginia Tech after the first shootings?

Why hasn't Bill O'Reilly been held accountable for his disrespectful words and behavior and removed from his show?

Why are we so excited to see Ohio State center Greg Oden & Texas forward Kevin Durant enter the NBA draft despite their one year visit to the college? Maybe it's cause they both have the potential to be perennial All-Stars!

Why does the spring weather make you feel better mentally and physically?

Why didn't Al Gore run for President? He's getting the respect without the pressure!

Why is it hard for people to get what the need but there is poison and distractions all around? From health care and education we see people having little to none but you can get a three wings with french fries, a bottle of homemade Ice Tea, a vile of crack and a bullet right on many of our city blocks! Something is wrong with this picture!

Why is George W. Bush still The President of The United States?




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