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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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 The Whys

Why after Bill Cosby recent charging speeches about education, empowerment and more did a woman make a claim about sexual misconduct that was dropped for insufficient evidence?


Why doesn't the government have more programs for recycling plastics? Especially in Philadelphia, I see more plastic on the ground than leaves!


Why is President Bush planning on cuts of 2.6 trillion dollars with major cuts coming in rural programs and education?


Why is it not surprising that those middle states starting to starting to scratch their heads on their recent election selection?


Why does Philadelphia's Southeastern Transportation Authority (SEPTA) have the highest fare in the country with mediocre service at best?


Why does Philadelphia Mayor Street's FBI probe seem two-faced? I guarentee you Street didn't invent the wheel he's just going for his roll in it and some people are hating.


Why does groups like Destiny Child get to do every awards show and all-star game when they sing songs about needing soldiers and getting people to pay their bills.   While the have the right to make money and it's definitely catchy but does it need to go to our children and millions of people all the time?


Why don't TVs come with antenna in the boxes anymore? Assume and what's that saying again?


Why can a company like Verizon buy MCI and cut 7000 jobs in this current economic climate? Can't the regulating bodies that be in this and other situations like this be stop this for the interest of the people?


Why don't some parents understand that their children need moms and dads not friends? If you aren't willing to discipline your children when they need it then who will and continuing to give, give and give while there is no change in behavior for the positive is beating a worn drum that is due to fall thru soon!    


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