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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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 The Whys

Why don't McDonald's, Burger King and other fast food restaurants serve non-pork products for those who like Bacon or Sausage in the morning?


Why with the notoriously dirty streets is Philly the City of Brotherly Trash? What does the streets department do with our money and their time?


Why aren't reality shows makers really going and reaching out to people with real problems and showing them more than a makeover or a million bucks?


Why did it take public outcry for Bush to appropriate over 300 million dollars to the Tsunami relief efforts?


Why does a disaster like the Pacific Southeast Tsunami killing more than 140,000 people have to happen for people to realize and appreciate how precious life is and how quickly it can go?


Why can't people choose their cable carrier like we do phone services? No competition leads to the high prices most people pay for now!


Why are some low-income families continuing to have children thus usually making government services a part of their lives?   If you don't want to be bothered with people in your business, your home, your life period, don't do things or request things you can't do for yourself.   What makes you think this form of government is about truly helping you rather than gaining a financial client they can keep in their back pockets for life!  


Why do Americans give the same type of limited substance movies financial play instead of movies with more substance like most foreign films which deal with personal struggle, family and not necessarily superheroes or wannabes blowing things up?


Why don't we have 24-hour libraries, banks, and schools like we have pharmacies, department stores, and fast food places? People do everything all the time and if we are the land of opportunity we should give the late and early worker/student access to everything.   It's not like cops couldn't become available!


Why do stores display these multicolored, multi-flavored blunt boxes right in front of our children's eyes? Sure they can sell the blunts or blunt wraps but stop using visual color aids to grab people!


Why can't 2005 be the year you resolve to never settle for mediocrity or go without speaking your mind?


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