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Today is:
 The Whys

Why did Joe Biden, a usually stand up Democrat from Delaware, put his foot in his mouth when he made comments about Barack Obama's appearance recently? Campaigning is just starting up and people are already digging graves.


Why is it that only in Philadelphia does Comcast get to monopolize the Philadelphia Sixers, Flyers and Comcast Sportsnet so the Satellite subscribers can't get it? Those two teams need all the help and support they can get!


Why doesn't have the people in this country know who's running for President of the United States on the Republican Party side of things?  


Why did Andy Reid's two sons get to sit at home and await charges? One son, Garrett, admitted he used heroin, drove a car, ran a red light and crashed into a vehicle and the vehicle had drug paraphernalia. While the other, Britt (in an unrelated incident), got into an argument with another driver and pulled a handgun out the car in a case off road rage? If they didn't have privilege (let's not even go into the race factor) wouldn't they been locked up five minutes after the police came on the scene?


Why are we denying people health care and respectable pay education and wondering why people are killing each other everyday?


Why are people still talking, writing and doing large programs about a horse named Barbaro rather than focusing on people dying, issues affecting the community and other ills of our society? I would say the same thing for the Super Bowl or anything getting more press but a horse is especially sad!   I don't say that because I don't value the life of the horse but because human life is treated at a lesser standard.


Why do parents expect their kids to know what work is when they have everything given to them? There are more kids out in the world that think that PS2s, TVs and cell phones are needs not wants and some parents need to look in the mirror and blame themselves.


Why does the most of the media only give you a few pictures of beauty instead of promoting the diversity of humanity? Beyonce and Halle Berry (both light skinned African Americans) can't be the only women of color worth taking pictures of can they? Can the dark skinned sisters get some love! Not everyone has to have the same features to be considered pretty in the eyes of the media. I know I may be exaggerating a bit but I get tired of the same people getting props because it affects some people who think the only way to look good is to try and look like those regularly shown, praised and complemented people.


Why did it take 39 Super Bowls for one Black head coach to win a Super Bowl let alone two playing in one? There is still so much work to do in sports and society as a whole and the fact that this was news is pathetic.


Why does money hold more value to some than that of family friends and community? We need to kill (no pun intended) this culture that says money mean more that humans. It's hard but it starts with you! Make that change!  


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