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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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 The Whys


Why can you get cigarettes in the front of the pharmacy but you have to go to the back to get the medicine? Doesn't that sound backwards? You can get cancer in the front but you have to walk to get the meds.


Why was 50 Cent in the Vote Or Die campaign when he can't vote? Now why felons can't vote in our society is another question!


Why have so many people on Bush's original team leaving after he got reelected?


Why is it acceptable for Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the United States to say he didn't know that HIV/AIDS had affected the black community, especially women, so badly?


Why do people spend so much money on Black Friday when there are just as many deals the days just before the event because companies?   It's not like these companies would stop making product for you to buy! It's amazing what people do when told to by the media and other sources.


Why for some people do most good things have to come with a big advertisement or grand production to get some play?


Why are books being replaced with prescription bottles in the urban schools? The kids aren't learning and are instead being made into zombies.


Why hasn't there been a bigger stink made about the "In God We Trust" on the United States currency? What does God have to do with money?


Why is the Indiana-Detroit fight in the NBA a reflection on this country and the mood of some people?   Ron Artest, the rest of the NBA players and especially the fans didn't come from Mars!   Lets look deeper people.


Why didn't a video like Eminem's "Mosh", not get enough airplay on the music channels but we could see that "Just Lose It" video? Guess it's not just about race everyone!

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