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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Today is:
 The Whys

Why do people think gold goes with everything?

Why are the democrats so weak at everything besides campaigning to minorities when election time comes?

Why are these idiots with guns not decent enough to keep our children safe?

Why did Shani Davis, the first African-American individual Gold Medal winner in the history of the Winter Olympics, get no press after the event from the mainstream media?

Why does Bruno on Black. White. Shamefully represent a significant portion of white males. Who never can see injustices because of privilege and pretend that we all have the same opportunity.

Why would a parent threaten to commit suicide themselves in front of a child?

Why does Congress and the President allow billions to be spent on things without our approval? We need to vote everyday because its too easy for them to spend our money and give themselves a raise on top of it.

Why do non-blacks want to say the N-word so bad? If you and your peeps don't/didn't share the experiences don't say it.

Why do black people use the word in general public and get mad whenpeople try to use it? The term still carries a ridiculous amount of weight and needs to be reserved for a closed circle of people if used at all!

Why do parents give their give their school going kids cell phones instead of using the systems established to contact the children? Then they say they have no relationship with school? Its a two way people!


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