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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Today is:
 The Soul Report

For this month's installment of the Soul Report,Ii thought I'd do something a lil' bit different. Instead of my usual esoteric musings that you all have become so fond of (wink, wink), I figured I'd just sitdown and write whatever came to of conscienceness stylee. So, I hope you enjoy it and feel free to respond with you comments. An' thass a rap. P.

Start here…Stop. Start here again…Stop. One more time from the top: Start…Stop. Begin again. Repeat. Delicate hand- wash. Shake vigorously so as to remove all of the excess bullshit accumulated over the course of a lifetime. Hang dry for twenty- four hours and wear proudly. Proper mental hygene can help prevent truth decay. If you are a hardcore ill MC from a rough neighborhood, have you had your shots lately? Don’t say goodbye to me, say “Hi” to me. Smile at me don’t be shy to me. Represent and don’t lie to me. If you think I’m wrong, then challenge me, don’t fall for my rhetorical fallicy. If I stand and say “Present”, acknowledge me. My sign is a Taurus, the fifth in astrology. Take your own path, don’t follow me. I’ve said jokes before tha weren’t funny, yet I had many friends die that weren’t twenty. Yet and still I proceed with my life for the simple fact that I need my life. I got too much to gain and too little to loose. I mean, too much to gain and too much to choose…from. Some didn’t catch my meaning, I know it, but the reason they didn’t catch it was because I didn’t throw it.

Soul- One.....04'





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