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Today is:
Feedback is Back!
We really do enjoy reading and responding to your emails. It gives us the validation that people take what we do somewhat seriously, while some just like to curse at us and send threats. Either way we enjoy your feedback so keep writing and will keep posting.

Love for The Love Below

Andres 3000's Love Below saved me from sure musical damnation. In a day and age inundated with G-Unit, uninspired Jay-Z, Chingy, Birdman and assorted gangster and commercially packaged rappers and hip hop artists, Andre 3000 breaks as totally free from convention as possible.

The first time I played his disc, I made a face as though I had been served something distasteful. I said to myself, "What in the hell is going on?" I found a few cuts like "Spread" and "She Live's in My Lap" appealing outside of the single "Hey Ya". But as a whole I thought it was a drug inspired experiment into his creative energies!!

Then one day, I heard someone, who I really thought would care little for Outkast or real hip hop, praise the effort. I went back, sat down in my element, poured a drink and listened. It was an awakening. I found the theme of the disc and where it was going. Each song inspired the next, and each song took on a new genre. I began to appreciate "Valentine", the genius and the background singing and it took me back to Parliament/Funkadelic and Prince. "Prototype" is funk Bootsy style with the Funkadelic edge. In fact, after the initial set up, with skits and mood sets, the disc is a virtual "play through", every cut is either the bomb or worthy of further listening. The last cut, where Andre 3000 discusses a young women he met before he blew up and met Erykha Badu is so hot, I get upset that it does not continue.

In all, this is the most original and creative piece of music I have heard in the last 5 years and will, hopefully, help guide us and other artists away from "the Blueprint" that is currently the commercial appeal.


Yeah I must admit when I fist heard The Love Below, my first reaction was disbelief (here's my initial reaction of The Love Below album). I wanted to hear an ill MC, but instead got Jimi Hendrix incarnate. Looking back its one of the most innovative albums to come out in quite sometime.

Under the Gunn

Don't you have anything better to do than slam a hard-working, respectable man on your website? if you don't like his style, then don't watch. derrick is one of the most professional and well-respected sportscasters out there.

have a nice day,

She/He is refering to Bob Kovack's GeoList: It's Time to Go where he slammed Comcast Sports Net's Derrick Gunn for over use of the word "Dog".

See, Housing does Matter

In reference to the article "Housing Matters," by Charlie Hu, Housing has been a critical issue throughout the United States for some time. As activists we can expose the issue so that hopefully our voices will be heard by persons with great influence. I was talking to a worker from the PHA-Philadelphia Housing Authority last week at my grandmother's house and he told me, what most of us already know that the housing projects will soon be a thing of the past. The houisng projects, in particular the "high risers" have many issues associated with them. If they are demolished where will the resdents go? Secondly it is evident that the land will be sold to the highest bidder who will charge the highest rent, for their replacement units. Moreoverer, God forbid that a local university gets a hold of the land. In the meantime collectively we need to work on not just self improvement but helping others improve because there are resources out there. And although the circumstances will not change as rapidly as we hope, we still have to speak out and be active.

Thank You,
Courtney W.

Drug War Reality Tour

Thanks so much for this info, I did not realize that Kensington was one of largest drug distribution centers, and so making Philadelphia one of the worst places to live. I'm originally from Southwest Philly, and it is horrible to see what drugs and lack of knowledge have done to the community. Now, I work in West Chester, and find out that the Black communities in Chester and West Chester have the same issues. We've definitely got a lot of work to do, but God will gives us the proper laborers to do it.

Debra W.

Catching a Hatchet for Hackett

Who the hell jackass do u think you are!!!!!!! If you didn't notice Hackett had a 1.68 GAA and a 934 save percantage. I don't know about you but thats pretty frieken good. Besides most of the goals he let in werent his fault if u hadn't notic New Jersey Devils are CHEATERS! One of the goals in the stanley cup his own player knocked him over. and in january 1 new jersey devil knocked him down and they scored on an open net. isn't that illegal. and so far in the preseason he let in 1 goal and esche let in like 5!


Viva La Revolucion

I really enjoyed your article on the upcoming Che Guevara movie. I agree completely with what you said, hoping that the movie won't be a so much a commercial endeavour, rather than something to educate people. I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie. Benicio del Toro is probably my all time favourite actor ("Way of the Gun" being one of my favourite films! I was hyped when you wrote it was under-rated!) anyway, great article! keep up the good work!

Naomi K.


Thanks to all those who have made this site that much better through your honest critiques and criticism.





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