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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Submissions welcomes and encourages submissions, photos and articles from all walks of life. Please email us at

Please send an introductory email to with the subject line of Possible Contributor.

We ask if you wish to contibute please give us your reasons for wanting to contribute, the genre of the writing, what's your passion and what you think of "Uploading Positive Change" in the form of a bio similar to ours on the Contact Us on this here site. and we will try to respond within 3-5 business days (if not blow our email addys up).

Feature articles should anywhere from 300-1000 words but we will work with anyone trying to get on the web so just let us know! . We are always looking to show diversity in the topics and welcome any new ideas because GeoClan means World Family and we want to represent that. Remember what seems common or easy to you may be foreign to others and that's why it has a place on reserves the right to deny any work but we usually don't it's just for the rare case to let them know we aren't playing! 

Got an event you want thousands of people to see send requests here:

Send an introductory email to with the subject line of Future Event and the date,   All events should be accompanied with a description of the organization/company, the event itself and contact information.

We will try to respond within 3-5 business days with further information (you can blow our email up). All graphics or pictures should be sent in a .jpg or .gif form if possible. reserves the right to deny any event.

Internships/Volunteering/Free Jobs
Want to work for free? We have plenty positions with your name on it. We are building a World Family online so the beginnings are hard on the pockets but if you want to be part of a positive process please send your dynamic resume here:

We are especially interesting in people who have skills in writing, photography, organizing (office, community, and events) marketing/promoting, advertising, IT, and web design.

Note: We don't expect you to be a genius just be willing to learn and teach if you have some expertise we don't have.

Praises, complaints, threats and corrections can be sent then posted for the amusement of the masses.

General Information
All other issues not covered above can be sent here: or sent to our office space...the address is 4134 Lancaster Av. Phila PA 19104

Advertising is about making positive change on the internet and bringing information, opinion and advertising to all (as long as it's goes along (or closely) with our mission) .All inquires about advertising can be directed to
Collaborating on Marketing, Events and Sponsorships with us
All inquires about collaborating with on marketing, events and sponsorships can be directed to's Mailing List

If you like the postal system and love the snail mail please send your questions with return information to the following address. We will promptly reply to you and thanks in advance.

@ LAVA Space

4134 Lancaster Avenue,

3rd Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Note: If you have a specific member of GeoClan you'd like to address please do as that would speed up the process.


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