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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?

-Mahatma Ghandhi 1869-1948
Indian political and spiritual leader


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Welcome to GeoClan.com!

The GeoClan.com World Family is committed to bringing fresh voices to the forefront. In a world of deafening mainstream media silence, we decided to cover our news by ourselves for ourselves. We're building a hub of information for and by people of every ethnic and cultural background. Joining the GeoClan.com World Family means the opportunity to share your creativity, opinions, and thoughts with an international audience.

The GeoClan.com World Family is in the business of
"Uploading Change". That is to say we are transmitting information to incite hope and inspire people! Joining the GeoClan.com World Family is to tap into your creativity and use it to change the world.

Staff   Contributors  

Editor in Chief
Clayton Ruley
27, a Philly native, graduated from West Philadelphia High School (1997) and Bloomsburg University (2002) with a degree in Political Science and Mass Communications. He wrote for his campus paper for 3 years, was also an editor and hosted his own radio show. Clayton is a avid sports fan with his favorite being basketball and his taste in music goes from Hip Hop/R&B to Alternative. Clayton
currently works with Philadelphia youth in schools and families in the community, He hopes GeoClan.com will inspire others to take hold of their creativity and use it to the best of their ability.

Columns: The Constant Truth, The Whys

Webmaster / Editor
Ralph Medley
After snatching the pebble from his teacher's hand,Rame not unlike Kane has walked the earth in search of adventure and understanding of the human condition. After much soul searching and meditation Rame felt his talents were best utilized in the service of others. Determined to bring talented indivuals into the foreground and expose hacks for what they are Rame along with GeoClan.com will not rest until the voices of the oppressed are heard.

William M. Baptist III
William has dedicated his life to the elevation of the human condition through arts and culture. He co-founded GeoClan.com in the hopes that people from all walks of life will have a space to exchange ideas and discuss the ills that plague our world. "Too many go without in a world of abundance, and this need not be with all the technology that can be used to benefit everyone. Lets take advantage of our collective brain power and help the human race make the next push forward to a world where all of humanity is our top priority."

Norman "BOB" Green
B.O.B. has had a love affair with music since the age of six . Writing was something that was instilled in him by his mother, a librarian and an aspiring poet and writer in her own right. His romance with music began when his sister, a fledging rapper dragged him into a studio session. Since then B.O.B. has been quoted as "Eating, sleeping, and loving Hip Hop". B.O.B.'s highlights include stints as a songwriter/ poet/ actor/ Emcee and a DJ on the now defunct 88.1 WPEB.

Column: Fatherly Advice, Tech Report, Big Transactions

Editor at Large
Darnell L. Johnson
Darnell L. Johnson a.k.a. Twiz Although he grew up in a negative atmosphere, Darnell always had plans of doing something positive. This positive attitude along with good grades landed Darnell a spot at the George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science. He also wanted to create a forum and medium for local Philly designers to get their designs and creativity out to the rest of the world. Besides designing cloths, Darnell is also interested in mentoring under-privileged youth in the inner city. In his spare time, when he's not chillin' with his beautiful wife and son, he enjoys writing poetry & music.



Senior Writer
Bob Kovack
Bob, graduated from Bloomsburg University in 2001 with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Mass Communications. At Bloomsburg University Kovack worked with the school newspaper and moonlighted as the sports editor for some time. Kovack loves to give his opinion on sports and any other issues that affect our society. His fulfillment from helping and working with people, has lead him to a career as a professional mental health counselor for the past two years. Kovack is proud to be giving his opinion again through Geoclan.com and hopes others will look forward to reading his Kovack's Takes and other pieces from time to time.

Column: Kovack's Takes

Senior Writer
Joni Bishop
Joni believ
es Uploading change starts with you. If you can help one person for the better, you have done your work in creating social change on this earth. As individuals we lead by example. In other words, how do you choose to live your life?  If you can be a good person in your everyday life, and do unto others as you would want done onto you, you're on the right track.  She truly believes in the saying: you must stand for something, or you will fall for everything.

Contributing Sections: Community, Style

Senior Writer
Danielle Norman

On her continued journey towards self-actualization, Danielle, realized, early on, her aptitude to be a helper and consequently, strives to lend a hand to whoever is placed on her path. During her career as a helping professional she’s developed a passion and a unique talent for connecting with young people. D believes that every child has the potential to actualize the true beauty within, yet realizes that this is not always the occurrence. Most specifically, the mis-education and over-sexualization of, adolescent girls concern her the most. The strength and compassion behind a genuine human connection is a powerful tool. The use of this connection to empower thought (and eventually change) is one of her personal aspirations.

Column: The Family Room

Senior Writer
Tonya Ladipo

A native of Chicago Tonya planned to stay in Philadelphia for one year. Eight years later she’s still here. Introduced to GeoClan.com by Will Baptist, she was eager to write an article for the website. GeoClan.com is a challenging and thought-provoking medium, something Tonya wanted tHer passion for fighting oppression and injustices is also her life’s work. As a psychotherapist she works with people to change their situations and environments. She particularly enjoys working with people who are often rejected by society because of race, class, or sexuality. In addition to her private practice, she works with families who have lost someone to homicide, and youth who are at risk for contracting HIV


Senior Writer

AKA Ace has spent his quarter of a century on this planet refining his craft of observation. He began writing at the age of nine and has not stopped since. Throughout this continuous journey he has been a member of the band Biartz, with which he recorded four albums with and toured the country. He has also pioneered an unorthodox Hip-hop group called Phantasmatrash, with a forthcoming album "Gyrode" in tandem with its DVD collaboration with Geoclan brethren Frank Cardon. The two, with the help of Charlie Hu, seek to subvert and recalibrate the world's understanding of a power structure spinning out of control. Ace and Hu have been partners in crime ever since they met in 1997 while they were both attending Hunter College in NYC. Not only have they collaborated with auteur Cardon on the Phantasmatrash DVD, but they have also created a satirical right-wing radio talk show called "Straight Talk with Dingle and Raspberry," attacking the opportunistic men that tend to grace the writing of the two. Since the groundbreaking connection of the Geoclan family (Clayton, Will, Charlie, Tim, Rocco) in Cardon's biggest battle yet, Ace has found himself to be in the company of truly exceptional humans and constantly strives to further the goal of Geoclan, bringing a universal awareness to its audience through compassion, understanding, and respect. Whether we're tackling galleries in downtown NYC or PC's in Philly, the world community is being familiarized with our endgame. The people need to read to see what that is...

Contributing Section: Politics

Senior Writer
Courtney Williams

Courtstarski has been trying to speak out and be proactive about bringing change to our community for a few years. When he got involved with GeoClan he viewed the situation as an opportunity to share with others his perspective on issues that include politics, sociology, economics, and culture. By establishing relationships with others who share GeoClan’s vision of uploading change we can speed the process of gradual change collectively.

COURT is also from the 215, so his insight also stems from direct and indirect experiences which complement his research. Armed with a B.A. in History he is trying to take his levels of understanding to the next level as he opens his mind to all things that are true in essence. Some of his contributions can be found in the historical reflection and book review section.

Column: Historical Reflections
Contributing Sections: Politics, GeoBooks , Community

Understanding our world, its power structures, and how we can fight to break through existing barriers is a communal effort. Community is a bullhorn for the individual voice, and thus a tributary for an ocean of diversity and pluralism.

Kasia's often wordy, sometimes optimistic, and always-genuine articles are her monthly two-cent contribution to the community bank of knowledge and information that is geoclan. When she is not dreaming about social justice, she is studying the world and its people to make her present and future work more relevant and her dreams more vivid.
"From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" (Karl Marx, 1874).

Born 2-4-80 in West Philly, raised in Southern California.Roze believes basically knowledge is everything on this earth, and if you look, listen and observe, life will teach you like no other. All he wants is the world to know that we are all God's Sons especially the youth. And when he says God Son, he means Jesus. Imagine a world were people respected and viewed themselves and each other as strong, wise and beautiful as Jesus. Peace!

G. Haile Campbell, Publicist, Writer,  Performer. Haile has always had a  passion for the entertainment industry.  Before the age of 15, she was already  an award-winning writer with published   articles in the Sun-Sentinel and Miami   Herald, while appearing in a touring play  with an international theatre company,    competitively figure skating and   performing with a competitive dance  troupe. Since then she has focused  primarily on writing and has added several articles, op-ed pieces, and is currently penning Geoclan’s own city-girl column, PantyLines to her resume. Haile is the co-founder and COO of Karma Enterprises, a Philly-based entertainment marketing and consulting company established in November 2001 for musicians, film studios, artists and game developers. An expert urban entertainment and marketing via her training at MEE Productions. Haile has earned her stripes in the entertainment industry offering insight and experience with companies such as New Line Cinemas, Carsey-Warner-Mandabach, and Arista.






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