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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Today is:


An Interview with Erica Foltz, A Passionate Social Worker

Erica Foltz is a advocate and helper of those who often get a negative look in society


Talking ACT UP with Samantha Sitrin

ACT UP has been doing work in the HIV/AIDS community for years! Samantha Sitrin is one of their soldiers.


Keeping The Community Clean

Check out these tips on cleaning up, recycling and trash disposal.


A Look at Autism

Luana Pehler gives us a rundown on Autism and where to find resources.


All About The Fathers, Part Two

Deesha Dyer continues the series about fatherhood experiences with's Clayton Ruley and R-Son, the Voice of Reason


All About The Fathers, Part One

Deesha Dyer interviews two men DJ Stress and DJ Statik about their fatherhood experiences.


The Price of Sacrifice

Tamika Banks talks about the loss of Shaun Bell's life.


An Interview with Tonya Ladipo

Our Connections columnist comes through and talks with the .com about her life.


A Letter to the Presidential Candidates

Questions asked to the candidates in January 2008 by Deepak Chopra, Russell Simmons and Dr. Benjamin Chavis.


Healthy Eating Recipes: Avocado Spread

Meike Melansek is back with a Tasty Avocado Spread to try for your own enjoyment


For You, For The Animals, For The World

Meike Melansek's statement of non-violent protest.


Another Seoulful Experience

Another wonderful piece from Jacqueline Tisdale


What Does It Mean Today To Be Black In America?

by Tamika L. Banks.


The Keys to Home Ownership

Tips of wisdom from Malik Carter


A Seoulful Experience

A slice of life from Seoul, South Korea.


An Interview with Laura Gumpert of the Empowerment Group

We always to bring you people and groups trying to help make dreams come true!


A talk with Natashia Euler of KWRU

We talk about KWRU, it's mission and more!


Tips on Buying & Selling A Home in Philly

An interview with Kamil Salter. The title of the article is what we are discussing.


Stop Snitching? - A Snitch In Time

By Dr. Marc L. Hill


A Spotlight on The Philadelphia Center

A Spotlight on a organization showing Philly to a different audience


A Spotlight on Books Through Bars

Learn about a cause worth volunteering for because we are all impacted.


A Philadelphian's Concerned Letter

John Litzke, a concerned Philadelphian sends a letter to local and state people of influence stating what needs to change! We all could be more active our community!


New Year's Recipes Made With Love

Do yourself a favor and read this. It could help you on your road to a better life.


Do You Have The Sugar Blues

Do yourself a favor and read this. It could help you on your road to a better life.


Healthy Ways for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Tonya Lapido gives our readers some tips for the holiday season but you can also use them in the new year.


An Interview with Inja Coates of the Media Tank

Making change in how we look and receive Media


A Look At Caribana 2005...

Memories Made and Revisited by Joni Bishop


I Bling Because I'm Happy?

The Black Church and the bling bling by Dr. Marc L. Hill


One Thing Missing

New writer, Jamila Bailey, discusses the benefits of praying together as a community.  You know what they say: the family that prays together stays together!


Why African Americans dont't go to Therapy?

By Tonya Lapido, LSW


Breaking the Rules

Subverting Traditional Masculinity on the Court and Beyond.   


Interview with WHAT-AM's Dave Warren and Al Butler of Acres of Diamonds

These brothers are creative, funny and bound to do great things peep them here before we told u so!       


Interview with Joni Bishop

HIV/AIDS is dead serious and this lady is doing her best to get the word out.       


A Slice of Life at Sugar Hill

We talk to co-owner and head baker Kameelah Mu'min of Sugar Hill Bakery


It's the thought that Kounts

Need a gift for a wedding or baby shower? How about a basket of goodies. Check out Keeshah Dawsonia in this spotlight.

The Chronicles of

Interview with the members of L.E.A.D.

The Energy Crisis Has Landed
What can we do in the face of rising energy prices?
Finding a Better Calm
For many of us who lead fast paced lives, the notion of free time is a foreign concept.
On the Road to Enlightenment
A journey of a thousand miles must begin
with a single step.
Adventures in the Music Industry
An Interview with Entertainment Lawyer
James Elam
Sugar Blues
The connection between emotions and eating.
Natural Healing
GeoClan discusses healing yourself naturally with Holistic Health Counselor Mariama Jeihani.



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