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Today is:
Keeping the community clean
By Clayton Ruley

I started this list off the top of the head one day and thought I'd post it up and hope to get some feedback. I'm a strong believer that a cleaner community can help people feel better about where they live and may lead to people treating each other better. So here are some clean up tips, some recycling tips and community tips all rolled into one! Some have some notes at the end of the bold and some don't. Some neighborhoods may have paid staff to clean up but it starts with us for the rest of us! .

Picking up plastic bags, bottles (plastic and glass) and the cans in your community. The bags can be used in the car as a trash bag, to clean up animal poop or to carry items places later on.

Join or work with a neighborhood or block association. The community, in general, is a powerful when organized. Get together with a plan on keeping the community clean and it can translate to people not even thinking of dropping trash or recyclable items on the block.

Recycle products at home including you mixed paper like paper bags and boxes from the fast food joint (as long as they aren't dripping with condiments and leftover toppings.

Crush your recycling when possible saves space for more recycling.

Pick up a recycling bin or designate a particular bag or trash can for recycling by labeling it with the words for recycling only.

Use signage to get you point across.

Carry your own bottle for water or your non-alcoholic beverage. Whether it an high quality plastic bottle you can purchase at a department store or whether you clean out a soda bottle or water bottle you purchased at a store. Think of the plastic you save when you don't purchase more plastic. While you cant use the regular bottles for extended use a couple of times could save a could of dollars for you.

Ask entities in your community to practice recycling and put recycling bins in their stores or in the area. Community partnerships can strengthen the ties you, a community member has with the business and community members.

Buy those new multi-purpose bags from your local supermarket or stores like Ikea or Home Depot. These new bags are very strong and durable and can be carried in another bag if you fold it up.

Buy a trash can, line your trash can and cover your trash can. Many people will have a trash can and not line it with a durable trash bag, leading to residue from the trash and more reasons for cats and other animals to get into them. Even worse is when people take weak trash bags (read: Dollar store quality) and sit it outside uncovered which leads to weather conditions, animals or the trash crew themselves tearing them up and a big mess to clean up.

Throw your non-biodegradable items and food in the trash instead of out the car window, on the curb, or in the lawn. There is nothing worse than seeing chicken/rib bones, cigarettes or wrappers from chips or cigars on the ground.




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