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Today is:
All About The Fathers, Part Two
By Deesha Dyer

Although Father's Day is officially over, here at GeoClan we want to dedicate even more to the Dads! Here are two more interviews, one with someone who has lost their father and someone else that is discovering fatherhood through his two children. Enjoy!

Who: MC, Father – R-Son the Voice of Reason

Randy Green, known more as MC R-Son of the Flight Brothers has the joy of being a father to a boy and a girl, both under age five. Most of the time I see him out and about, he is with his wife, Gracie and his children. Recently moving out of Philadelphia to pursue more education, R-Son breaks down what it is like to be a dad, and how proud he is to hold that title.

GeoClan: Please tell me the ages of your children?

R-Son: My kids (my daughter Amaryllis and son Aaron) are 4 and 2, respectively.

GeoClan: What is your biggest joy in being a father?

R-Son and family

R-Son: My biggest joy is watching them learn and accomplish new things and being a part of teaching them about the world around them.

: What are the three most important things you wish you install in your children?

R-Son: a.Judge people by what's in them, not by how they look
b.Don't take any mess from fools

c.Always be one of the good guys, because there's way too many bad guys

(Those aren't mine originally, I got them from a great comic book series called Preacher, but there great words to live by)

GeoClan: Do you fear for your children being Black in America?

R-Son: A little bit. My biggest fear is that they might be denied opportunities or be judged more harshly because of their race. I fear my son will automatically be seen as a threat and my daughter won't be taken seriously because of the negativity that surrounds the images of young black people.

GeoClan: Do you fear for your children being Black in America?

R-Son: For me there is no greater gift and no greater responsibility. Little lives are placed in your hands to mold and shape and prepare for life. It's seems like the importance of good fatherhood has been cast aside, but in my eyes, there is no more important role in a man's life should he make the decision to become one.

Who: Student, Son, Uncle, Brother, GeoClan Editor In Chief - Clayton Ruley

One of the founding members and many faces behind GeoClan, Clayton experienced the passing of his father at a tough time in a young boy's life. He has used that tragedy as motivation to better himself and the community. Below, he shares some memories about his father and gives us an insight on how he didn't let that stop him.

GeoClan: What year did your father pass away and how old were you?

Clayton's mom and pop

Clayton: My father died on January 1st 1994 from complications of HIV/AIDS. It was a big family gathering for Kwanzaa at the home I grew up in and I was 13 years old. My father was surrounded by family and friends and I think he decided to go with that in mind. It was certainly surreal when I stop to think about it.

GeoClan: Can you tell me about your favorite memories of your father?

Clayton: My favorite memories of my fathers include staying up late and watching a movie, Saturday Night Live (the good ones with Eddie Murphy, Martin Short and Billy Crystal) or The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I also remember the good relationships he had with his family and friends and his love for Philly foods like Tastykakes, steak sandwiches, soft pretzels and water ice.

GeoClan: What traits, characteristics, morals or values did you inherit from your father?

Clayton: I think I inherited my ability to listen, learn and work with others from my father. Being that my father and I were very close and shared the same zodiac sign (Pisces) I believe I remind myself and people who knew my father of my father. That's mostly a positive thing and its a strong legacy to carry on. It's one I'm quite proud to carry on. Although my father left the earth at a young 51 years old I think he did a lot of positives here and I try to use it as motivation to be better in all aspects of life.

GeoClan: If your father were alive today, what is the one word he'd use to describe you or your life?

Family shot from the eighties.

Clayton: I think my father would be proud of what type of man I have become. I have followed him (and my mother, godfather) into social work and I will continue to try and bring people together through my work and with my own GeoClan organization. I love my family and friends and that's what I saw in him for the time he was here. I'm not perfect and continue to make mistakes but I continue to improve also and that's the key to life...never getting satisfied and marching forth!

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