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Today is:
All About The Fathers

Interviews By Deesha Dyer

If you watch or happen to catch mainstream news outlets, I'm sure you've heard once, twice, or multiple times about men not taking care of their children, which in some cases is true. But how about the flipside? As Father's Day 2008 approaches, we here at GeoClan wanted to sit down with a few good men as they talk about being fathers, and what that responsibility means to them. We also wanted to show respect and love to some father's that have passed on in the flesh, but are still living in the lives of their children. Let me introduce you to a few good men.

Who: Super-producer,DJ, Uncle, Brother, Son – Jeff Davis aka Stress (

I've known Stress for about 6 or so years. I met him when the untimely and unfortunate death of his father was still fresh. He takes the chance to honor his father in everything he does and his extensive collection of tattoos includes one especially for his old man. Stress credits his father with molding him into the man he is today and it is that teaching that drives Stress today and motivates him to do what he does in memory of his father.

Deesha Dyer (DD): I know how your dad died, but can you just give me in your words a quick, summary of what happened?

Stress (S): My Dad was a boilermaker & pipe fitter by trade and retired from U.S. Steel after 32 years of service. He then took a new job with Boilermakers Union Local # 13 where he was sent out on different subcontracting jobs in the Tri-State area. On July 17th 2001, My Father was violently and tragically killed in a sulfuric acid explosion while working at oil refinery in Delaware City, DE called MOTIVA. To this day, unfortunately, my Fathers remains were never found.

Stress's Pop in the 1970s.

DD: What year did your father pass away and how old were you?

S: My Father passed away July 17th 2001 and I was 29 years of age.

DD: Can you tell me about your favorite memories of your father?

Wedding day tribute for Stress's father.

S: Our first Eagles and Phillies games together. The way he cracked up laughing when he thought something was funny. My brother & sisters & myself helping my Dad build our home we lived in. Seeing how happy he was at my Sister's wedding. How happy he was when my youngest brother Jack was born when he was 40. HA!

DD: What traits, characteristics, morals or values did you inherit from your father?

S: My looks, body language and temper, honesty, blue collar hard work values and NEVER back down or give up attitude, family first and ALWAYS do the right thing.

DD: If he were alive today, what is the one word he'd use to describe you or your life?

S: One word with a capital P - PROUD. Which makes me choke up when I type this because it makes me that happy. Miss and Love You Dad!

Who: DJ, Father, Brother – Statik (

Whoever knows DJ Statik knows that he has a cute-ass little boy who loves to breakdance and get down with the get down. I've been at many daytime events where Statik is spinning, and son Asad is right there in the audience just nodding his head to his Daddy's beat. Statik gave us a brief 411 on what is it like to be a father and why it's a responsibility like no other.

DD: Please tell me the age of your child?

ST: My son is 6

DJ Statik with son in Los Angeles

DD: What is your biggest joy in being a father?

ST: The greatest joy in being the father of a little boy is watching him emulate everything thing I do down to my sneaker collecting habit.

DD: What are the 3 most important things you wish you install in your children?

ST: A. Values, B. Critical Thinking, and C. Appreciation

DD: Do you fear for your children being Black in America?

ST: No I fear for America.

Son getting in down at the B-Boy BBQ

DD: Please give me 1 - 2 sentences that sum up being a father.

ST: Being a father is the most important thing in my life. When you're responsible for yourself, you can make choices with little or no thought. Once you are responsible for another life, your thinking process is centered around that child.

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