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Today is:
The Price of Sacrifice
By Tamika L. Banks


The price of sacrifice is an unfair game…or is it? Many questions plague our minds when we witness the blood shed of an innocent life. Looking at Christ, did he deserve to be crucified? Was there justice in the murder of Martin Luther King Jr.? What was the satisfaction of killing Malcolm X while he delivered a speech upon his renewed knowledge of a trip to Mecca? The price of sacrifice is an unfair game yet, it is the blood shed that CHANGES A COURSE.

Sean Bell was killed by 3 New York police officers. All his choices were pre-ordained and ordered. Like many he made the right choice to marry the mother of his children, by doing right as a Black man in America and not becoming another “statistic”. As it is tradition, the night before a wedding both the bride and groom celebrate with as many close friends and families of the same gender as a last “whoo-rah” before “tie-ing the knot”. He made a choice to partake in the traditional pre-wedding festivities and was killed by 3 undercover police officers who felt threatened as Sean Bell sat at the wheel of his vehicle. The officers were charged with 8 criminal offenses and were found not guilty of all charges.

The nation spoke in languages of hurt, anger, frustration, exhaustion, bitterness and lost hope. Others conformed to a silent shock with the knowledge of “I knew it!”


(I choose my words wisely as I express my heart)

As with the leaders mentioned before (in the first paragraph) whose deaths has left many questions, I CHOSE to hinder to an answer with the death of Sean Bell. His life and death were all purposeful to me. I read many blog sites expressing anger at the reckless action of his death (50 bullets?) and the unjustified verdict of the police officers.

A rapper by the name of David Banner said in an interview with, "It pisses me off, I'm hurt and to a certain degree I'm scared, too." I find purpose in Sean Bell's death with multiple reasons. One being, had his death never occurred, the carelessness of that police force would have continued and more lives would have been taken. Those cops in particular probably could have been living a reckless life making selfish choices. This possibly would be life never considering the depth of their positions all-the-while, abusing a badge because they had the man-power to complete a test and become certified. David Banner would’ve never made those statements and some young child who looks up to him more likely will hear those words and remember what caused “their hero” to be sacred, and may grow up to be a lawyer/ activist.


I chose not to stay angry and lose hope for the justice of my people. I don’t defend anyone I just observe and discern. Extreme pain is evident in this situation but what’s the objective? Just like a seed being planted in the ground, we’ll never see what it went through to breakthrough that soil. The point is it BROKETHROUGH. Then there’s the beauty of the rose that will enlightened someone’s senses then it’ll die. Again what’s the objective? What do we remain focused on?

The Price of Sacrifice is an unfair game yet, THERE‘S PURPOSE IN THE BLOOD. We just have to find it!


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Sean Bell b. May 18, 1983 - d. November 25, 2006



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