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Today is:
Connections, Volume Eighteen: Connect with Nature Inside your Home
By Tonya Ladipo, LCSW ; Guest writer Amy Connelly

This month guest writer Amy Connelly shares her feng shui expertise about how to bring spring inside your home.


As the daylight starts to hold on a bit longer each day and tiny buds appear on winter's dormant trees, the natural human urge to shake off winter and connect again with the outdoors becomes stronger ~ until we step foot outside and realize there's still a few weeks of winter's chill left in the air!  

Utilizing the ancient Chinese wisdom of feng shui is one way to bring nature inside and prepare for the dawning of spring.   Just as our personal energy varies day to day depending on the food we eat, how much sleep we've gotten and our emotional outlook at a given time, our homes also carry an energy that can be supportive or draining.   The quality of energy in a home may depend on how organized or cluttered it is, the types of colors and patterns used, or the type of interactions (quarreling, nurturing, joyous, etc) held in the space.

Through balanced placement of 5 natural elements ~ water, wood, fire, earth and metal ~ feng shui can bring results that vary between improved energy, stronger health and relationships, or even increased financial and personal rewards.

Ways to bring the 5 elements of feng shui into the home are to use:


•  Water is associated with financial opportunity, career, and life journey.   Use blue or deep toned colors with curved or flowing lines.

Idea ~ Use a small fountain, glass objects, tables, or mirrors (or any reflective surface) to give a larger feel to a space.   Vases filled with water or other accents with curved lines will also boost 'water' power.  


•  Wood is associated with new beginnings, family, and wealth.   Use bright green colors and column shapes.

Idea ~ Use live plants especially those that are tall and have rectangular patters or stripes.   Wood surfaces such as butcher block or bamboo also add 'wood energy' to a space.


•  Fire is associated with clarity, knowledge, and reputation.   Bright tones, particularly reds are great colors to use with triangle shapes.

Idea ~ Light candles, incorporate angles with a triangle or diamond pattern, or utilize accents of bright colors to add 'fire energy' to your home.


•  Earth is associated with nurturing relationships, health, and self-development.   Warm yellows and oranges are colors to use with square shapes.

Ideas ~ Use ceramic or terracotta planters, fill a vase or surround a candle with stone or sand, and incorporate pictures of mountains or sandy beaches to provide 'earth energy' in a space.  


•  Metal is associated with creativity, organization, and rewards.   White is a good color to use for metal.   Also incorporate round shapes.

Ideas ~ Metal sculptures or metal accents such as cabinet and drawer pulls, picture frames, or candle holders can increase the power of 'metal energy' in your home.


You don't have to use every suggestion listed above.   Simply picking your favorite out of each grouping and finding a way to incorporate that in your home can help you create a more balanced indoor environment that is in touch with the great outdoors.   You can even use one object to capture more then one element.   For example, a round blue welcome mat inside your door incorporates both the metal element (in shape) and the water element (in color).

Create a balance amongst the elements by using each of them in harmony.   You can also focus on a particular area of your life by adding more of the most strongly associated element. For instance, if you are looking to create opportunities or change your career path, add the corresponding element of water in multiple places or in a few different ways within your space.

Changing the energy of your space changes you! This is exciting and powerful.   Get creative ~ there is no limit the results you can enjoy, particularly when your energy is in harmony with nature.


Amy Connelly is a certified feng shui practitioner and personal organizer.   As owner of the company 'centered spaces', Amy creates home and office environments that support the goals of the individuals who live and work in that space.   To learn more or to request a consultation, visit  or call 215-962-6539.













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