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Today is:
Finding A Better Calm
By Mariama Jeihani

As we get into the full swing of the spring season, now is a good time to get back to some of those goals we have set during the beginning of the year. With the frigid temperatures and inclement weather, we have found many impressive excuses for neglecting our most prize possessions… ourselves. Whether it is losing those extra 5-10 pounds or finishing that degree, we must reevaluate our priorities before another year goes by and we are left in the positions we are reluctant to find ourselves in.

For many of us who lead fast paced lives, the notion of free time is a foreign concept. With all the activity we fill into our schedules, there is little to no time to ponder on relaxing thoughts, let alone the things that pertain to our needs. Even if we are allotted a moment of solitude, we ALWAYS manage to fill the time physically, mentally or sometimes both simultaneously, usually doing something to satisfy others. By the time we finish tackling those tasks, we are usually left exhausted and push the things that we really wanted to accomplish for another time. But do we ever get back to those chores? The answer is most of the time no.

My favorite method of relieving this discontent is establishing “Meditation Moments.” Meditation is a relaxation technique used by many as a means to still the mind and focus consciousness. Although there are numerous styles of meditation, the achieved effects are the same. Through meditation, the paths to your desired goals are easier to follow since the mind is given a break from the mass of information that we deal with constantly. With this brief pause in current reality, one is able to notice themselves and their surroundings for what they really are, and the means by which to transform them into the life meant for them.

Think about yourself for a moment. Are you able to imagine what the future holds, or are you held captive by the past? Living life playing catch-up to you is very limiting as there is little time to indulge oneself in activities that result in joy and bliss. One must remember that we came into this world to satisfy our own personal goals, not those of others. And for those whose purpose is to serve others, you cannot support others if you yourself are not properly supported. So do not be afraid to take time for you. The difference in the quality of life is truly noticeable when you take time to enjoy it. And you don’t have to take a week vacation to achieve this feeling. You can get that feeling each and every day with the addition of a one, five, or ten minute Meditation moment.

Sounds empowering doesn’t it? What are you waiting for? Stop the abuse on yourself and start nurturing the flower that wishes to bloom and display itself for the world to see. Don’t know where to start? Well here are a few tips to get you started:

1 minute: Quiet your mind as still as possible. Sit in a comfortable position and, with closed eyes, breathe deeply- in through the nose, out through the mouth. Notice with each breath how the body grows stiller.

5 minutes: Using the same breathing pattern as above, recite to yourself an empowering affirmation, focused on a achieved goal (i.e. tranquility, strength for perseverance, etc.)

10 minutes: While in your position of comfort, either sitting or lying down, close your eyes and imagine a far away journey to the place of your dreams (i.e. sunsets on the beach, dawn at the mountains, etc.). With each breath taken, allow any tension or negativity to exit the body, and clean positive energy to enter. Let the body to relax and enjoy the scenery around you- notice the tastes, smells, and feelings associated with your dream place. Now begin to release any bodily tension, starting with you toes. Clench and release your toes a few times, then relax for a few moments. Move up the body in the same fashion- ankles, calves, thighs, hips, and continue all the way to the chest and neck. Make circles with the neck clockwise, then counter-clockwise. Then tighten and release the tension from your eyes and mouth. Continue breathing deeply to let go of any tension in any part of the body; imagine yourself allowing each breath to fill the place where the pain resided. Once you have reached your achieved calm, enjoy it for the remaining time.
Awaken from your relaxed state slowly as a means to seal the calm for the rest of the day- abrupt awakenings can create the same frazzled disposition we wanted to discharge.

** Note: For added effect, you may play relaxing music, or sounds (such as rainforest and water sounds), burn incense, aromatherapy oils, or whatever will further enhance your tranquil moment. Also if thoughts try to invade this quiet space, observe them without getting involved in them, as if they were a fixture in you calming place and concentrate on your breathing or your favorite visual image. You will notice that with further practice, this calm will be easier to achieve, leaving you with more time to enjoy the moment rather than fighting off intruding mental chatter.

Enjoy the relaxation! And may Peace and Blessings fill your every moment.

For any questions, comments, or suggestions email Mariama at or check out the site.




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