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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Today is:
Fatherly Advice, Volume Six: Two Homes and Seperation
By Norman "B.O.B." Green

Editor's Note: A father of three, Norman Green shares his personal life with the reader on a regular basis. In volume six of Fatherly Advice, Green talks about the frustrations of being in a two -home family, something alot of families are dealing with in the new century. There are several reasons why these relationships are occuring more now than ever and they are too numerous to discuss in detail but communication is the key here. Setting up times to do events together as a family would be nice but not always probable so careful. Regular conversation between parents and the joint front when dealing with children helps all sides have clarity. If you have any comments, question or other correspondence please send you words to us.

I have for the almost the past year have been dealing with not living in the same house with my sons. That is the worse fight I have ever been in.

Growing up in the former prototypical nuclear family enviroment. All I knew was that mommy and daddy would both be there when I went to bed a night. Unfortunately my children haven't been dealt the winning hand in this round of cards.

I applaud and praise their mom every time I get a chance to because I appreciate all of the time and effort that she gives the boys. But I do wish that I could be in the house with them. I would love to be there for homework and reading everyday.

I need to maximize the God given talent that I have to be able to earn enough income without having to scramble all over the eastern seaboard to attain livable wages for my kids and me. I purely adore the ground they walk on and I am so grateful that they are here.

I just wanted to voice and express that we as adults all need to put the differences aside and start to raise these kids together to stop the vicious cycle, which we are seeing the fruits of being bared to the world now.

So for all of the hybrid families and especially fathers lets step are game up and take a handle on what we need to do. If so maybe the future isn't as bleak as the present paints the picture to be.

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