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Today is:
Sugar Blues
By Mariama Jeihani

Work environment and home life not going your way?

Feeling more tired and stressed than usual?

Eating habits following the same trends of being off balance?

Are you consuming more sweet foods and snacks instead of nourishing meals and healthier snacks?

With February being best known for Companionship, Love and Affection why does it bring a sense of Loneliness, Irritation and Depression?

Is there a connection between all this and the train to “Sugar Blues, Worldwide?”

We all have our own personal relationship with sugar; some manage their consumption well, while others have their habits control them. For me, my love affair was chocolate. I was especially fond of it around February, when I had so much to choose from with Valentine’s Day producing various flavors of indulgence. It was nothing for me to sit in front of my favorite evening soap opera with a heart shaped box of Hershey’s Pot O’Gold Assorted and by the time the hour was up, so was the box.

Something about those mid-winter times increased my cravings more than usual. I hear these same cries from many women referring to the various types of sweet foods that they crave, from cakes and pastries to candies and ice cream. Like these women, I got tired of the crying and decided to take back the control that the sugar had stolen from me. Today I live stress-free (or as close to as society will allow), and in total control of my life, emotionally, mentally, physically and nutritionally.

As February approaches we find ourselves back into those same ruts we were in last year this time. We are discontent with our careers, personal relationships, and lifestyle habits.

As a result, we consume and are unconsciously attracted to all types of snack foods, mostly sweet foods. Our thinking being that the answer to our problem is to satisfy this hunger pain with “a little treat.” Then after that treat you do not feel satisfied so you have another, then another, until another turns into a whole family-size bag of chips, a quart of ice cream, and/or your favorite king-size chocolate bar.

I do not need to go into any further details on how we feel worse off than we did before consuming these “treats.” And this cycle invades our lives and brings out the Mr. Hyde in all of us. It is not that we mean to be this way, but it becomes a natural reflex.

How do we take back our lives, you ask?

The answer is simple.

The first is to understand the affects of the “Love” of your life. Sugar has become one of the most addictive substances in our society next to cigarettes and other narcotics. There are two major explanations that support this qualification; 1) Eating even the smallest amount results in a desire to have more, and 2) As with quitting narcotics, quitting suddenly bring about withdraw symptom such as fatigue, irritability, cravings, headaches, and other mood swings.

Current estimates also show that each American, on average, consumes over 150 pounds of sugar a year as oppose to 4 pounds per year when the first sugar refinery opened in 1689. That is a tremendous increase regardless of the time frame. What keep us going for the sugar when it poses such a threat? We want comfort, care, appreciation, and most of all LOVE.

So the next time you feel a void inside of you that you want to fill, take time to understand the root of what is eating at you. Ask yourself, “Does my body really want this ________, or is there something else that I require?” You may find that by analyzing you feeling you realize that the cure requires a glass of water, a walk in the park, or a chance to do that special something that always brought you great joy.

Once you master this, the rest is easy- just apply some will power and dedication to the self and its goals. Remember, this is an emotional issue you are working through and it will take time to get there. But I assure you that you will be pleased with yourself once you see the results; a healthier, mentally strong, balanced person ready to conquer any task they put before them.

But if you happen to have a moment of weakness, seek out the best quality of the sweetness you crave. So if I were to have an urge for chocolate, I am off to the Whole Foods to get some organic, minimally processed chocolate. This way I satisfy the craving without all the guilt.

Another tip that I can offer is to add sweet foods to your meals to supplement the sweet taste you want; Choices like Sweet Potatoes, Corn, Carrots, Squashes, or Turnips can help crowd out our negative cravings.

Sugar in life comes in many forms- happiness, sex, companionship, relaxation, exercise, and food. Creating a balance of these Primary Foods (career, exercise, companionship, and spirituality), and Secondary Foods (the food we eat) will give you a renewed outlook on life, one that is fulfilling in every aspect.

Just be sure open that lost line of communication with yourself and there is nothing you cannot accomplish. I believe in you and want to help you be the light that you are.

If you require guidance, please feel free to email me @ to schedule a free health history consultation.




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