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Today is:
By Mariama Jeihani

“ A journey of a thousand miles must begin
with a single step.”
– Lao Tzu

A question most frequently asked to me by my clients and customers is “How long is _________ going to take to go away?”

While I can respect the concern for effectiveness, I am confused by the direct correlation between health and time.

When the body is healing, it is working to remove undigested, unusable material and substances from the system.

With today’s current nutritional and eating trends, most of the food we consume satisfy caloric intake guidelines yet provide little to no nutritional support. Therefore, these empty calories hinder major functions like digestion and absorption because the vitamins and minerals extracted for these tasks are not enough to carry them out. This lifestyle results in stockpiles of trash from the projects we get into in our kitchens (or the kitchens of others for my eat-out family).

Remember the first cardinal rule of bodily functions is that if the food we consume does not nourish the body properly, it has little to no means to function with.

Let’s take a minute and contemplate the meals we have on a daily basis. If the bulk of our foods are overcooked, over seasoned, microwaved, deep-fried, boxed, canned or heavily processed, then the body may be overburdened by preservatives, additives and fillers, outweighing any nutrients that may help the cycle of the body going. These substances are man-made, leaving the body defenseless and stumped as to how to create chemicals to metabolize and eliminate theses things.

Also, the nature of the body is essentially organic, meaning that every cell, organ and tissue thrives more when fed in accordance to this origin- the creation of man is of the earth, so this is where we will find the foods that support us most.

So know that your process of healing is an individualized program that caters to your needs and concerns, moving you towards your set of goals. This process is an interactive as your results depends on your participation in changing certain hindering habits and adapting beneficial ones.

We all know that water is an essential part of the body’s makeup and a substance that should be an integral part of each day. Some of us cannot stand the taste of water and avoid it at all costs, relying of juices, teas and sodas for thirst quenching. Though your personal preference is to leave it alone, the body would benefit greatly with an increase of this each day, especially if the foods you eat do not afford the body these necessities.

When the conscious mind makes this realization, then progress will take place more rapid, because you are putting the mental desires into physical manifestation. So now that spring is approaching, take this blooming energy and use it to make some of your aspirations come true. Seek out the guidance, tools and support you require and stay focused. Once the motivation is there, you have completed half the journey.

Best wishes on the road ahead!

For any questions, comments, or suggestions email Mariama at or check her site at www.integrativenutrition/graduate/healthyself.aspx





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