Roze Petals: Hip Hop artist Tequilla Roze speaks with the family once again

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A vaulted member of the World Family, Tequilla Roze is a hustling his product hard and heavy these days in California (LA and the surrounding areas to be specific) and it’s no coincidence that he’s garnering more attention from his peers and the public alike. A socially conscious brother that isn’t afraid to shock a listener to get his point across, Roze took the time to speak with about what he has been up to, what’s next and what his train of thought is these days.

GC: Tequilla Roze been a minute since we had you on How goes it now family?

TR: Yes … it has been a minute, but everything good ,no complaints [ God is fair ].

GC: First off tell me about the Slave Music project you did. Where did the inspiration come from and what were/are you trying to say?

TR: Well the inspiration came from a conversation, that I overheard between two teenagers. They were speaking on this whole illuminati [ Jay-Z ] concept , I was so close to them while they were speaking, it was easy to join the conversation, so I did . I then mentioned some names & topics that related to the conversation they were having, but I noticed that the teenagers didn’t have a clue of the names or topics that I was speaking on. They did have a lot of opinions & outlandish statements on Jay-Z, the government, devil worshiping & who knows what else though.

The conversation made me realized that, most of our youth, don’t question the things that they are taught. They never question what the TV screen shows them. The never question the history they learn from a school. They never question the religion they get from a church or the perception of success or failure given to them by others. Knowing that, I became inspired to create some songs, touching on those issues.

GC: I was impressed by the footage gathered for that project and the honesty you showed. It wasn’t the typical album because it thrived in a rougher sound if you know what I mean. Was that intentional?

TR: Yes, it was intentional. I wanted Slave Music to be very anti – radio. When you turn on the radio, you hear songs that are clean mixed, very catchy, simple hooked, dance like beats with lyrical content that doesn’t spark thought. I wanted to create the exact opposite with Slave Music. All the beats I made or choose were very grimy, I left my vocals very dirty, & instead of having hooks , I put skits of people talking real matters over the beats. To me this album has a grimy movie soundtrack feel ya know. What’s crazy is… I did this album in less then 5 days, and I wasn’t going to release it, it sounding so rough, but people reacted to the rough draft so well, I figured why not release it, with a dirty tape deck feel.

GC: Last time I was out in Cali you was doing some filming with artists in and around the LA area. Tell me about the filming you were and are continuing to do and how overall how the use of the videos and social networking sites is getting the word out.

TR: Nowadays, the artist have to be their own promoters and with all the technology & the power of the internet, its makes it easier to get your art & messages out there to the people. You just have to get out there & grind and make sure people notice your campaign. Real talk, nowadays, an artist doesn’t need a record label to get there music out there anymore, besides those records deals are another form of enslavement. I figured, if I went out in the streets and chop it up with known artists & unknown artists about my campaign & filmed it while I did it, people would have to respect my grind. That’s the whole thing: it’s not about trying to have others help you or jumping on someone else’s bandwagon, its about you helping yourself & creating your own movement, and that’s when people will start to help you.

GC: That’s cool to hear. Now you’ve done some work with some serious artists recently how is that going down?

TR: It has all been a blessing. Whether it’s cameo’s from Crooked-I, Murs, Kurupt or the feature from Method Man (shout out to Yungbuck for that). It’s all been a blessing and a conformation of my hard work. I just got in contact with M.1 from [Dead Prez] about jumping on a song from Slave Music hopefully that will happen soon ( in Gods time ) but if not, “ it is what it is “.  You got to push with your own movement and believe in yourself at the end of the day.
GC: You done some gigs recently and have some coming up. Tell us about a few of them.

TR: Well opening up for Stevie Wonder at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York was definitely a great experience.  I was raised up off of Stevie Wonder music. I don’t think I have to speak on his legacy or tell you how good he is musically because anyone should know that so when I met him and he asked me to open up at the Apollo for him. Man…it was a great feeling! It was a great feeling to know that he was inspired by my music, because he has been inspiring the world for the last 50 years. That’s real talk!

GC: What the current or next music project or is there anything else you are doing right now?

TR: My next project is called love vs understanding and it can downloaded at right now. There are a lot of different aspects to me & I didn’t want people to box me in especially when it came to that Slave Music sound so I released this album  This work has a more uptempo sounds and more nice hook types of sound. The album deals with relationships, the ups & downs , the fear of committed , being faithful , not faithful , jump offs and other issues. In essence,  it’s all real talk.  I think we all have been there at some point of our lives. Also im writing a book called S.E.L.F: the answer & the problem, so be on the look out for that.

GC: If people want to see your videos and hear your music, how can they get at you?

TR: They can find me at tequila roze/,  tequila roze/, tequila roze/ and like I said go to type in love vs understanding & download the albumfor free.

GC: Thanks Roze!

TR: Thank you family. Peace to the whole GeoClan staff  and keep putting out that good material & causing awareness in the community, Yall are definitely causing a positive change…ONE!

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