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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Welcome to GeoClan's Poet's Corner, where we not only feature poems from the countries hottest poets, but insightful interviews.

What inspries these spoken word artists? Well that's what we here to find out. Know of a poet you think the world should know about or are you a Poet yourself? Drop us an email (


Featured Poets

An interview with Sarkazym.
Featured Poems:
- My Begining and End
- I Love You in Every Sense of the Word
- Superhero

Our exclusive interview with Luis Rodriguez.
Featured Poem by Luis Rodriguez: Civilization

Interview with A.S.A. (A Starving Artist)

Featured Poems by A.S.A.:
Dance with Me,
 Nigga 2 God & Pass Me a Peace of The Crust

Recent Poems  
Poems by Markisha Bunn
Musical Orgasm
Karmatic Returns
Love Elixir
Poems by N. Batez
Risky Business
To Be Honest
Bobby Gump
Damn Another Dream

Archived Poems

A Phone Call to My Sister

by Ashuntay

Creation 3-12-99

by Ashuntay

Goodbye Good Riddance

by Ashuntay

by Vanessa Acosta 

Dream of Death
by Vanessa Acosta

No Vaseline 2006
by Norman "B.O.B." Green 

by Norman "B.O.B." Green

by Vanessa Acosta

by Vanessa Acosta

The American Dream
by Vanessa Acosta

Lies The Worldt
by Norman "B.O.B." Green

I'm Sorry

by Smitty C

by Tamarah Ynise 

Was It An Accidentt by Tami Harris

I Saw You Today by Tami Harris

A Prayer for Assata Shakur by Walidah

They Deported My Love by Walidah

You Are The Poem by Walidah


The Takeback, Part One by Tim Dowlin a.k.a. teedizzy

Writing in the Rescue by Ashton

Song in the Key of You and Me by Anomynous


More Interviews



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