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GeoReview: The Boys of Baraka
By Clayton Ruley

The Boys of Baraka is a gripping story about 12 boys from the streets of Baltimore and their experience at home and at a boarding school in Kenya. Directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, this 84 minutes documentary shows where the children come from: economically and

socially and how that relates to their learning experiences. The film follows a few students and parents closely and we see their ups and downs as they adjust to the new continent, country and school setting. Some do well others struggle but one thing is consistent: their lives

are all being impacted by the experience.


I like this film because it shed light on common problems that arise when you grow up in the 'hood: poverty, drug dealing, single parent homes and the like. I also like it because it doesn't end perfect (which is reality) and even the time spent I Africa is cut short do to unforeseen circumstances. This brings the problems of home back to the forefront and allows us to see what happens next and the concerns given by the parents and Baraka staff (if for only a moment).


The DVD features filmmaker commentary, deleted scenes, an update on the boys and a conversation with the outspoken Bill Cosby that is about five minutes.


I'll give the 4.5 Globes. The only problem with the film in my eyes is like most stories of this nature it has to end with us wanting to know more.


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