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GeoReview: Spiderman 3

by Clayton Ruley

Let's set the stage. In the last Spiderman movie Spiderman defeated Doctor Octopus and Peter Parker finally told Mary Jane he loved her. Now in Spiderman 3 Peter Parker is struggling to keep Mary Jane happy, has issues with his former best friend Harry Osborn and has new competition in Eddie Brock (a.k.a. Venom) and The Sandman.

Director Sam Reimi and his screen writing team does their best to tie all the storylines together but at times it seems like it's too much to handle. Peter Parker's issues mixed with Spiderman's are too much for the young college student and you get to see how he finds his way to a happy ending. All principle characters return to their original roles led by Tobey Maguire Peter Parker/Spiderman) , James Franco (Harry Osborn/Goblin) and Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane) and there are a few additions led by Thomas Haden Church (The Sandman/Cain Marko) and Topher Grace (Eddie Brock/Venom). The graphics of the movie are very detailed and worth the price of admission especially when The Sandman comes to play.

On the second disc of the Special Edition there are features on the making of The Sandman, re-imaging the Goblin, Creating Venom, Stunt Featurettes and more. The special features are over 5 hours long and the blooper track helps you see the cast in a playful light.

It's nice to see the Venom character being brought to life but I wish there was more of a storyline with the alien creature. I guess with Maguire always threatening to leave the film franchise they may have wanted to get as much in as possible but it comes as a cost. Overall, it's still a good flick to see and a good 2 hours spent.

I'll give it 4 GeoGlobes.

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