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GeoReview: An Inconvenient Truth
By Clayton Ruley

Former Vice-President of the United States Al Gore lost his election bid for president in 2000 and while the country isn't a better place after it Gore notoriety is because since then he's championed a critically acclaimed film, won the Nobel Piece and seen his stock get higher than at any point at during his presidential run.

An Inconvenient Truth is the above mentioned film and it deals with the effects of global warning on society. This 96 minute film does a great job of showing how our future is being hindered by the decisions we and people in power make today. Gore does the speaking and demonstrations in the film while the filmmakers do a great job of placing pictures throughout the film that will make the viewer think and remember. You get to see Al Gore in a different light in this film.

This film is a Laurie David and Lawrence Bender production and it was produced by Lewis Guggenheim. Gore does a nice job of putting his personal experiences into the story and why he's so passionate about this cause. A scene I like (and infomation I dislike) is when Gore talks about U.S. automakers and how they lag behind in efficiency of their cars compared to others. This is especially true when talking about gas mileage.

Overall this a great film but sometimes people might be overwhelmed with the lingo used at times.Also there are times when you wish they interjected with more tips on what we the people can do to help. Fortunately at the end of the film their are tips on how to do your part as the end credits roll. On the DVD, the special features include a making of, a awarding winning songs' video by Melissa Etheridge, seperate commentaries by the director and producers and an update with Al Gore. The DVD packaging is in an environmentally friendly cardboard package.

I'll give the film 4.5 GeoGlobes.

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