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Today is:
GeoReview: The Boondocks: The Complete First Season,Uncut and Uncensored
by Clayton Ruley

The Boondocks is a ground breaking comic strip created by Aaron McGruder that deals with two young black boys from Chicago that move to suburbia to stay with their grandfather. The comic strip uses political and social commentary to show how the family copes with the new hood and all its differences.

In 2005, The Cartoon Network started airing a cartoon version of the comic strip on its "Adult Swim" programming slot and it was a success. McGruder still heavily involved with the TV show as well as the comic strip was bogged down and has taken 18 months off to rest a bit (at least from the TV show) but it doesn't mean that the people can't see the work he did as now Sony has released the 1st season on DVD. This cartoon is for adults because many children will only hear and see the basics not the underlying meanings but it was a very well done translation considering McGruder had to do more character development and more story boards than he ever had to for the comic strip which was usually three scene a day!

The show had 15 episodes in its first season and features the regular voices of Regina King as the Riley and Huey Freeman (the two boys and main characters), John Witherspoon, as Robert Jebediah Freeman (the grandfather), Gabby Soleil, as Jazmine (a bi-racial neighbor), Gary Anthony Williams, Uncle Ruckus (undescribable) and Cedric Yarbrough, as Assistant D.A. Thomas DuBois (father of Jazmine). They show also
has frequent guest playing other characters like Samuel L. Jackson (GIn Rummy), Edward Asner (Edward Wuncler), Charles O. Murphy (Ed Wuncler III), Katt WIlliams (A Pimp Named Slickback) Mos Def

Highlights of the season include:

"The Trial Of Robert Kelly" - This refers to the infamous peeing incident alleged against the singer R. Kelly. The show attempts to show that no matter how much evidence you have against someone if people like him or her it and they have clout (socially or politically) the people will be hard to sway! Adam West, of Batman fame, plays the voice of the lawyer on Kelly's side and Huey's statement in the end of the show is real!

"The Story of Gangstalicious" - This episode takes a funny look at these rap artists that talk about what they do on wax but are always hiding behind someone or play fantasy a lot. Gangstalicious reminds many of
50 Cent (I guess I can see it) and his story is funny! Riley gets rapped up in the fantasy and gets taken for a ride!

"Return of The King" - This places Martin Luther King Jr. back alive (after surviving a lenghy coma) and shows you what McGruder thinks his reaction would be to what he sees today and also how the people view him! Check out how King's name is being exploited, his views on the Iraq war and his speech to the black people that goes on air to millions! This episode cause a good amount of controversy but I don't see why...the stuff the character King was saying was real in my eyes!

"Let's Nab Oprah" - This episode shows you two characters that have developed over the course of the first season named Gin Rummy and Ed Wuncler III and their adventure trying to grab Oprah for her power. Riley is always in trouble and Huey, the conscious brother is always trying to stop trouble (unless its for a righteous cause). Please peep the writing in this episode (as in all) because it's wicked! Rummy and Wuncler are like Bush and Rumsfeld and they attempt many things with a absence of plan or detailed layered thought and get away with it. In this case compare Oprah to Osama Bin Laden and you will follow it better.

"The Passion Of Reverend Ruckus" - Ruckus is a Black racist who loves the white man and in this episode he starts a church movement and turns everyone against each other. Also a political prisoner and friend of Huey is about to be executed and Huey tries to save him. This episode speaks about religion and how it turns people away and against each other at times when it's supposed to bring people together.

In reality I could talk about all these episodes because they all are deep to a point! Some deal with capitalism on a small town note, others with race issues, others with friendships and men and women relationships and so on and so on! Those who read the comic will have to adjust to the show because it's different in how it gets its messages across and some of the vulgarity (such as the use of the "N" word and other language) is questionable but I believe has a general good use and that is to show how different relationships work and how different people feel and speak. I wouldn't want children under 13 seeing this but even those under 18 should have some supervision watching this so they get the bigger points.

I'll give the DVD 4 globes. The concept and how it was acted on was on point but it would have been nice to see some more bonus features besides the Deleted Scenes, Audio Commentaries, Behind the Scenes
Featurette and Unaired Promos.

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