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Today is:
GeoReview: Spider-Man: The '67 Collection
by Clayton Ruley

Spider-Man has been one of Marvel's best characters and with the recent movies staring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst people can't get enough of the webslinger.   For those people who want to check out the differences from today's Spider-Man and yesterday's Spider-Man you need to check out this 52 episode, five disc set from the original classic television series.   This cartoon was played from 1967-1970 on Saturday mornings and you get to see Spidey go against foes like Dr. Octopus, The Green Goblin, Dr. Magneto and Kingpin!  


The DVD features full color episodes of the first Spider-Man cartoon and there is a whopping 1,144 minutes digitally mastered.   You also get an exclusive booklet with an introduction by the comic's creator Stan Lee.   You can even learn the famous Spider-Man tune so there is no more confusion! What more can a Spiderman fan ask for?


The storylines infused with humor and plenty of action and you'll be interested to see the little details of the characters like their voices and outfits compared to what you know of today.   This DVD is a long watch but in today's era of cartoons what better to spend your time watching? What other show has simple foe names like The Rhino?


I'll give this DVD four globes.   It's an enjoyable watch for those who like vintage cartoons and love friendly neighborhood guys.



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