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H. L. Mencken (1880 - 1956)


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Today is:
GeoReview: Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry,Season 2
by Clayton Ruley

One of the realest shows on cable is Def Poetry. Hosted by Mos Def and brought to us by Stan Lathan and Russell Simmons this season features poets and celebrities like Black Ice, Jessica Care Moore, Big Rube, Wood Harris, Erykah Badu, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Jamie Foxx, Linton Quincy Johnson, Thea Monyee, Twin Poets, Danny Koch, Lemon, Regie Cabico, Rat Sack and Suhier Hammad


In the seven episode DVD of season two the poets discuss many topics. Some topics they discuss include stereotypes, racism, love, hate, pride, history and community. They do this to an entranced crowd that opens their minds to the words and occasional sounds so you should too as you listen. Some poems may be complex and long while others short, sweet and easy to comprehend.   You can laugh, cry, get angry or decide to get active! Poetry or spoken word is a key element of communication that is often hated on because it asks people to sit (or stand for that matter) and listen without the dancing or other tactics used to grab most people's initial attention. This art form along with others like reading need to be emphasized if people are to understand what people don't want you to know from watching it on television or a musical CD with beats.


I'll give this DVD 4 globes.   The DVD was very solid but it could have used an Inside Def Poetry and/or an interview with the poets, host and creators.   It's a DVD you can watch with friends or loved ones.    

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