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Today is:
GeoReview: Philadelphia 76ers, The Complete History
by Clayton Ruley

The Philadelphia 76ers have roots to the beginning of the NBA with the Syracuse Nationals.That team featured Hall of Famers Dolph Schayes and won a NBA title in the 50's.


The team relocated to Philadelphia in the 60's after the city lost the Warriors to the San Francisco and won a title in 1967 with Wilt Chamberlain anchoring an team that featured players like Hal Greer and Billy Cunningham.   Of course the team only won once in that era primarily because of the Boston Celtics dominance and that is well documented but that team set a then NBA record for wins with 67-15 as the defeated the Warriors and a young Rick Barry.  


In the 70's the team went through that 9-73 season in 72 and nothing went right to the ABA folded and a young Julius Erving brought his high flying acts to the world stage.   After getting defeated at the cusp of a championship three times in seven years the team finally fulfilled their „We Owe You Oneš promise and Erving along with Moses Malone, Bobby Jones, current head coach Maurice Cheeks and assistant coach Andrew Toney one their first and only ring.


Now the Sixers are lead by Allen Iverson a prolific scorer who led the team to the NBA Finals in 2001.   He has been joined by star forward Chris Webber and the team is looking to compete for all the marbles: The Larry O'Brien Trophy.  


NBA Entertainment brings us this six disc collection of the Sixers history with bonus features including game 4 of the Sixers sweep of the Los Angeles Lakers in 1983 and Allen Iverson's 48 point game in the 2001 Finals.   You also get two more full length games and 76ers Legends and 76ers Greatest Rivalries & Seasons.


The DVD is nice for any fans because despite the lack of titles compared to how many times the team has been close it still a very successful and popular franchise. Compared to the Bulls, Lakers and Celtics DVD sets this isn't close.   The NBA people tried to lengthen the DVD set but the team just didn't win enough big games to make this the classic set it should be.  


I'll give the DVD 4 globes. A very solid product but you want more great games.

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