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GeoReview: House Of Flying Daggers

by Clayton Ruley

From the same director (Yimou Zhang) who brought us Hero comes House of Flying Daggers , a flick about what happens when love enters a usual warring situation. The movie House of Flying Daggers stars actress Zhang Ziyi (of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame) as well actors Andy Lau, and Takeshi Kaneshiro.


The movie is set in 859 AD and the Tang Dynasty is in a downward spiral. The dynasty is going down in part because of the tension and war happening between their group of people and rebels, one of them being ãThe House Of Flying Daggersä Ziyi plays Mei, a dancer who is suspected of being a member of the Flying Daggers and she is saved from the dynasty by a drunkard she was almost taken advantage named Jin (Kaneshiro). The two go on an adventure doing their best to avoid danger from the police captain named Leo (Lau) and reach the House Of Flying Daggers. Once the reach the headquarters love plays a powerful part in the rest of the movie as right and wrong is thrown out the window.


There are a few plot twists that are important and would tell the story too well so I will leave it to you to figure them out but this movie is well put together and is more than a action film. You will catch yourself thinking romance when you see the chemistry between Jin and Mei and they definitely kick some tail as well. Not as much walking on water stuff just on the ground combat and the cinematography was crazy nice (or excellent, for those who don't know).


This movie will get 4 globes. While it didn't have Hero's battles it was much easier to follow and give you more realistic battle scenes.


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