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To die for an idea; it is unquestionably noble. But how much nobler it would be if men died for ideas that were true!

H. L. Mencken (1880 - 1956)


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Today is:
GeoReview: 30 Days
by Clayton Ruley

Morgan Spurlock became well known and an Academy Nominee because of his 30 day diet of only McDonald's fast food on the critically acclaimed Super Size Me. Now that acclaim has allowed him to do more work for the people's knowledge and he's taken the 30 day concept to a different activities in a FX (a Fox cable network) show called appropriately 30 Days!

This series shows Morgan and other people doing things they would normally wouldn't do for 30 days and monitors their progress hoping for an appreachiation of what goes down! The DVD features commentary
on selecfed episodes and exclusive "Diary Cam" for every episode.

While only six episodes it only takes the first episode to show you what 30 days will do for perspective as Morgan and his fiancee live in the capital of Ohio, poverty stricken Columbus, for 30 days on minimum wage!

This episode is the most powerful because it deals with a subject that effects the most people in this and other countries: poverty! You see the couple try to find a place to live, jobs to work and food to eat along with other things most would call necessities. Then you throw in
the hospital bills with no insurance, family coming to stay and other factors and you a small glimpse of what check to check is about! There is one scene in particular where a black man, older black man says he's making less money now than 40 years ago when he was working with the local auto company! It's ridiculous and Morgan and the camera show it in a serious but compassionate way.

Other topics include being straight in a gay man's world, being a bible belt Christian who has to live as a Muslim, living with no products, doing anti-aging activities and binge drinking.

Just for the first episode the DVD is worth it. Morgan Spurlock is proving to be one of this generations gifted filmmakers. I give the DVD 4 GeoGlobes. 

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