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GeoReview: Chappelle’s Show
Season One Uncensored!
By Clayton Ruley

Dave Chappelle has been one of the best comedians for years and last year after staring in or appearing in movies like Half Baked, The Nutty Professor, Undercover Brother, and Nothing To Lose Chappelle got his own show on Comedy Central, a cable station.

Chappelle’s Show is the one of the best show if not the best show on TV. Chappelle has the ability to make everyone laugh even at themselves and past mistakes. He definitely keeps it real!

And surprisingly he is still on no matter what the he talks about and how much it shakes up the establishment.

The first season is now on DVD and the two-disk set features twelve episodes, audio commentary, bloopers, deleted scenes and unaired footage of “Ask A Black Dude With Paul Mooney”.

The show has some great skits like the “Black White KKK leader”, “The Eclipse Remix” skit, and the “Pop Copy” skit.

His skits are for laughs and are totally hilarious, and also contain social and political comedy. He is a bridge builder because he can get people aware of what they did and do without it being blown out of the proper perspective.

I’ll give the First Season Uncensored 4.5 globes. All the musical performances aren’t on there and audio commentary isn’t on all the episodes. But the best thing about Chappelle and his show is his point of view and his belief that anything that happens can be talked about even if it offends some people who are not used to being offended. This show hopefully will do more than people just laugh, it will make people think.

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