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GeoReview: Bad Boys 2
By Clayton Ruley

In the first Bad Boys movie Burnett and Lowery was the best action duo since Martaugh and Riggs from the Lethal Weapon series so when we didn’t see that sequel after 5 years we were like damn… another one bites the dust!

Luckily Marvin Lawrence (Detective Marcus Burnett) and Philly’s own Will Smith (Detective Mike Lowery) got their schedules straight and minds right (especially my boy Marty Mar!) and collaborated again with director Michael Bay (Pearl Harbor and Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of The Caribbean, Black Hawk Down) for Bad Boys II. This movie is an action packed two hours and 27 minutes and I mean action packed! That means no time to use the bathroom!

Theresa Randle, John Salley and Joe Pantoliano return and Gabrielle Union joins the cast as Syd, Marcus’s sister who works for the government and Jordi Molla as Johnny Tapia, the resident bad boy.

This movie is either comedy or action all the way through and you see the chemistry is still there between the two actors. The action scenes are detailed use great photography and they manage to sneak in funny lines of course. There is some great eye candy in the film being set on the beaches and streets of Miami.

The special features include production diaries, deleted scenes, sequence breakdowns, stunt and visual effect featurettes and Jay-Z’s “La-La-La” video.

The movie was excellent, not worth the wait from the previous but clearly one of if not the best action/comedy movies in 2003. A summer blockbuster! This movie has all ingredients for another sequel and while long in time the film fills in every possible angle of the story, a rarity in most films of this magnitude.

The special features let you get closer to how the smashing scenes were produced and what the actors were thinking. The deleted scenes were minimal and could have been better but you can’t make people make mistakes and the outtakes were good. And how come we couldn’t get that Shake Your Tailfeather video! Huge mistake in my (and many guys) eyes!

Overall everything considered I’d give the DVD 4 globes mainly for the movie. They will probably put both Bad Boys in a double disk set with more features. You know how they do nowadays!

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