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GeoReview: American Wedding
By Clayton Ruley

About five years ago, American Pie came into theatres and made everyone laugh at the screen and in a way themselves. Everyone knows a tangible version of Jim, Stifler, Finch and company although hopefully it’s a lesser version. These movies where a return to the 80’s teen movies like Fast Times At Ridgemont High where the kids and their social troubles in and out of school were shown in a humorous way.

Well after 2 Pies, the “final” installment of the American Pie series, American Wedding hit the movies mid-2003 and was a success. But most know that the best part of the Pie series has been what you didn’t get to see in the movies and with the seemingly simultaneous advent of the DVD it seems people could even make mistakes on purpose, knowing they will have a place on the video somewhere. The fun continues with Wedding a funny movie with some much extra pie especially with the unrated version of this third installment.

The premise: Jim (Jason Biggs) is set to marry first love and band camp sweetheart Michelle (Allison Hannigan) but of course trouble comes in form of getting Michelle a dress, teaching Jim how to dance, dealing with her parents and Stifle (Seann William Scott) and movie shows how they resolve their problems leading to their big day.

The movie starts off hilariously with Jim getting some table service and doesn’t stop as Stiffler and Finch fight for Michelle’s sister, Jim fights to keep his parents in law happy and they all try to stay in one piece.

Oh, did I mention the hot dominatrix bachelor party scene?

From my observations, Stiffler is more prevalent in this film getting plenty of time to look like the complete jerk that he is. I guarantee he is sure not to disappoint anyone who thinks he couldn’t top eating semen or kissing another man . He does big time.
Jim continues to dig himself into a hole and crawl back out and of course he does some stuff he has no business doing.

Eugene Levy returns as Jim’s pop always there and willing to help in a compromising situation. His comedy has always been a staple of the movie and it continues in this film.

The movie was funny, really outrageous and fitting of the last pie installment. While Shannon Elisabeth, Tara Reid, Chris Klein, and Mena Suvari didn’t return to their roles their parts weren’t missed at all besides them not mentioning what they were doing while the wedding was planned. There were some return appearances like the M.I.L.F. guys and Stifler’s mom sure to please.

The DVD features Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Stifler’s Speak, A day with Nikki Ziering (the former Price Is Right model, and co-star of the bachelor party scene), feature commentary a Cheesy Wedding Video, a special look into the Bachelor Party scene and Grooming the Groom, a story of the crew’s attempt to create Jim’s mishap down his pants for the camera (like that’s surprising).

This movie is a great laugh, the features are many and are detailed and while not the first wasn’t a disappointment which is saying something with sequels. There is plenty of skin and sin. Not one for the kids this is for the college age people and up.

I’ll give it 3 globes.

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