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GeoReview:The Motorcycle Diaries
By Clayton Ruley

The life of Ernesto "Che" Guevara is too complex and detailed for any two to three hour movie but slowly we are starting to learn more about the revolutionary folk hero who led the Cuban revolution with current Cuban leader Fidel Castro in the mid 1900's. Legendary actor Robert Redford put money up as executive producer and Walter Salles directed The Motorcycle Diaries a look into the exploration of the South American continent by Guevara and friend Alberto Granato.

This was before "Che", as he was already known by, had a formed political mind so you get to see what his thoughts were from his perspective and Granado's as the movie is an adaptation of his book by the same name and Granato's book called Traveling with Che Guevara. Both young men are studying medicine and want to travel the continent before the grind of work prevents them from doing so. You get to see Che's action with the ladies and his development as a thinker. Che starts to question the injustices he see on his trip and that very well could've changed his lifes path.It's a very good watch.

It's always interesting to see biographical pictures because just like you they are people and had to make strides to be where you remember them from. Che's rise from middle class doctor in waiting to revolutionary leader came with his view of the world changing from his experiences. He never pigeon-holed himself to being one thing and he had a conscious. If more people did what was right and stopped doing what was right now this world would be better.

The DVD features deleted scenes, The Making of The Motorcycle Diaries, A Moment with Gael Garcia Bernal, "Tomo Uno" ("Take One") with Gael Garcia Bernal and Music of The Road: An interview with Composer Gustavo Santacialla.

I'll give the movie 4.5 globes.

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